How To Find Dating Profiles - How To Find Someone's Dating Profile By Email Address

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Want to learn how to find dating profiles with just an email address? You need to read this…

Virtually all dating sites need an email address for registration, including serving as the primary means of identifying a user on their platform. It can also be used to verify a user’s account, recover a lost password or username, and more.

How To Find Someone’s Dating Profile

Basically, you can find a user’s dating profile with a reverse lookup tool, which enables you to access information from a database.

A lookup tool is designed to scan the internet for the profile of the user based on the email address provided or linked with the user. The results of such searches often include the social media accounts and dating profiles of the owner of the email address.

Where & How To Find Hidden Dating Profiles

Let’s start with the free methods…

Search Engines

According to StatCounter, Google controls about 91.6% of the search market, followed by Bing, and Yandex. This data explains why search engines come to mind when it comes to where and how to find someone's dating profile.

If Google is your choice, then go to the search page, enter the email address, then click the search button to get started. If the email address is linked with any dating site, there is a possibility that Google may include that in the results of your search.

Social Media Search

Go to any of the major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Threads to enter the email address the same way it is done on Google. This time though, the results may not be fetched from sources outside the social media, unlike Google where the database is wider.

How To Find Someone's Facebook Dating Profile

It goes without a say that Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world. So, it is only natural to consider it as a possible place when it comes to how to find dating profiles.

To get started, go to Facebook Dating and enter the email address you want to investigate, then click the search button. You are never going to get the kind of information you get from Google because results are limited to the Facebook database.

Ask Friends

Though, this may not be as effective as the methods that have been considered earlier, it is worth a try. You may do this by sending the name or email address to your contacts on WhatsApp, Telegram and Signal.

Want A Simpler & More Accurate Option?

Then, here is one fail-safe way that I strongly recommend when it comes to how to find dating profiles - paid reverse email lookup.

Paid Reverse Email Address Lookup

A reverse email lookup allows you to run a search on a mystery email address to find out everything you ever wanted about the owner.

About 95% of the information included in the report of a reverse lookup tool is reliable and very useful. It saves you time, and relieves you of the stress of running your search on Facebook, Google, and other websites because the report is always comprehensive.


A reliable lookup tool with up to date and wide database may include the following information in your search report:

  • First and last names of the user.
  • Date and place of birth.
  • Physical contact address.
  • Professional and career profile.
  • Social media aliases and profile names.
  • Hobbies, likes, etc.
  • Marital and divorce status.
  • Telephone numbers.
  • Dating profile.
  • Photos.

All the information you ever wanted can be sourced with a single search and from just one place when you use a paid lookup site.


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