Reporting Email Spam has put together the fastest ways on how to report email spam and abuse so that you can get on with your day!

Email spam. Everyone hates it and we all get a untold amount of it in our inbox on what seems to be a daily routine. Sometimes the spam is trying to sell you something or get you to visit websites or download something. Sometimes it is worse like abuse or harassment from a mystery person.

When it comes down to it there are a few kinds of spam you are receiving and you should handle them all a little bit different.

General spam is the kind that floods you with messages about buying stuff. While annoying, it is hard to control even for the best hosting companies in the business.

Spam that is general can come and go in the same day and blast you with a few emails or with thousands at once. You know that kind of email spam. Let’s talk about how to report it.

Report General Email Spam

Look for bait grabbing subject lines that promote products or websites that you did not subscribe to receive or have any interest in dealing with.

The fastest way to report it and go about your day is to select the spam email and click “Report Spam” in your mail service. Gmail, Yahoo, Live, and corporate mail servers almost all support a feature like this.

What happens when you report the spam email is the service or server takes the email address of the spam sender and logs it to prevent future messages from coming through.

This action overtime will reduce the amount of spam mail messages coming to your inbox as a log is built up about what you do and don’t want to read or receive.

Sometimes though emails may come in big amounts or get personal with a message that is threatening from someone that knows you or someone you know. Cases like this call for more action to stop and report abuse like this kind of spam.

Report Email Spam Abuse

Big Amounts

Here we have to talk about reporting email spam abuse to a hosting company. If you know someone who is sending alot of spam from a domain you can report that domain owner to the hosting company that is connected to the domain.

It will be up to the hosting company to take action and put a stop to abuse by a person or company sending large quantities of email.

Lookup who owns a domain name and find out what the hosting service is that the domain is using. You can see that information in the domain whois.

Threats & Personal Abuse

The other kind of abusive spam is the personal kind. This is the kind of email you receive that keeps coming from someone that is making a threat to you in the message. To stop this kind of spam you will have to find out who the owner of the email address is and report them to your local authorities.

Trace a email address owner to find out who it is. Once you have the owner's name you can contact your local police or legal investigation company to take the next steps in reporting them for action.

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