The Fastest Ways On How To Change Your IP Address

Anyone can change their IP address faster with these instructions. You no longer have to seek out help from technical support or your nerdy friends when you are ready to change a IP on your computer or router! These instructions work on other common technologies like laptops, mobile phones, and tablets.

We’ve summarized the quickest ways to get a new IP address and that is sure to speed up the time it would have taken you by reading other instructions or articles you might have found on the Internet.

Change Your Computer's IP Address

Changing your computer IP is as simple as turning your computer and router off for ten minutes and rebooting them both. This one move is the fastest possible way to get a new address assigned to you. If this ten minute technique does not work and you have the same IP address as before you will unfortunately have to contact your ISP and get a static assigned IP or have them flush your account. It works every time!

Change Your Router IP Address

Very similar to the way you change your computer’s IP, change your router or modem by unplugging it for around five to ten minutes. This allows your ISP to drop their connection to it and flush their router entries. To get a new IP and connect back to the Internet, plug your router back in and give it five minutes to connect online and be assigned a new IP. When you get the same IP back in some cases and the change didn’t work call up your ISP and see if they can reset it for you on their end.

Change Your IP Address To Others

Changing your IP address to others is not as hard as it might sounds. There are several ways to change your IP that we will cover. One of those by using a proxy server. A proxy server like those found on our proxy list can hide your IP address from others, making it appear that is has been "changed" when you really haven't done anything but mask your IP. There is a catch though, configuring your device or computer to use a proxy server manually can be a little confusing and take too long.

If you are really short on time, and want to change your IP address to appear totally different to anywhere you visit on the Internet, like websites or Facebook, the fastest route you can take is to install VPN software that uses proxies in a nice, easy to use interface that does not require any configuration. We cover the recommended VPN software services in our guide to hiding your IP address to others.

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