Finding Your IP Address Using Command Prompt in Windows

A Command Prompt in Windows Operating System is a very powerful tool for advanced PC users. It can be used to access and manipulate files and programs in the computer without the use of a regular computer interface. The right command should help any user find the information they need in an instant or even launch software.

One of the most popular uses of a Command Prompt or cmd is the ability to reveal additional information about the computer as well as its connection status. When connected to the network and internet, cmd can be used to find the private and public IP addresses of the connected computer.

Finding the Private IP Address with Command Prompt

A private IP address is basically a set of numbers that helps the network identify the connected device. These numbers are assigned by the router as soon as the device is connected. More often than not, a private IP address looks like this:

The first two sets of numbers (192.168) are usually the standard number used by routers for connected devices with the final two sets used to differentiate each device.

To find the IP address through cmd, launch the Command Prompt first. This can be done by clicking on the windows button and typing "cmd" to launch the program.

Windows command prompt cmd.exe

This is the barebone look of the command prompt and it's awaiting for your command. To find your private IP address, simply type in "ipconfig" and press enter.

ipconfig command

Look for the "IPv4 Address" since this is the private IP address of the computer. For more information about the connected device to the network, the command "ipconfig /all" and the computer will provide the following result:

ipconfig /all command

Network administrators usually use the command ipconfig /all because they need additional information for network troubleshooting or status.

Finding the Public IP Address

Public IP Address is basically the IP address assigned by the Internet Service Provider or ISP. It is a unique data to differentiate each internet subscriber. If you check each connected device's Public IP Address, the number will be the same.

To find the public IP address use the command "curl"

This command curl sends a HTTP request to the domain that responds with a public IP Address. The URL ( can also be used in any browser to know the public IP address of the device.

Shielding Your IP Address

Having talked about how to find your IP address, it is also important to know how to hide or shield your IP address for the sake of anonymity and identity theft protection.

You can simply use a VPN to shield your IP address. A VPN or Virtual Private Network is an online service that masks the users' IP address. Specifically, this type of online service masks the user's public IP address. Public (or external) IP addresses are used by internet service providers and other online services to determine the user location. With the help of VPN, the real external IP address of the user is scrambled and the user can select a different IP address that tells online services that they are in another location.

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