How To Find Your IP Address On A Mac

Your Mac computer is attached to a network by a IP address. This IP address has four number sets that is separated by periods and looks something like as the layout. Having your Mac connected to a network and the Internet means you have a internal and external IP address. Follow these instructions to find your IP address on a Mac.

Searching for an internal IP on your Mac when using OSX 10.5 or newer you will want to click on the Apple icon in the left top corner of your screen. Scroll down and choose System Preferences. Then select the Network icon in the third row. Choose your connection like Airport or Ethernet. Your IP address will be listed under the connection status.

Another way to find your internal IP address is to use the Terminal. Open the Terminal application inside your Utilities folder. Type in “ifconfig | grep "inet " | grep -v[2]” on the command line. This command takes out the entry which is the feedback loop and unneeded for your task. Your internal IP will be listed beside the “inet” entry.

To find your external Mac IP address you can open your local router’s config page using the web interface. Most all modern routers use a web interface for configuration settings and information. Inside the Router Status page or similar in name depending on your router brand, you will see a external IP address listed which your network uses to connect to the Internet.

The quicker step to find your external IP address is to visit on the “My IP” page where your IP, location, and ISP information will be shown.
You can view your external IP address here.

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