Find Out If Your IP Is Blacklisted

Are you finding that you are having trouble using certain websites or not being able to comment in forums at your favorite places? Maybe even Facebook is limiting your posts or you can’t download software anymore. What if it is not your personal IP address and instead find that your server IP can not connect to third party applications or your users can no longer connect to your server in different countries?

There are many reasons things like this could happen but the most popular reason comes from having your IP address blacklisted or the IP address of your server put on a black list somewhere. What can you do to recover from this?

More times than not, your IP ending up on a blacklist comes from some sort of abuse or spam actions that you or maybe even a virus was causing on your computer to send out bad information. Very rare is that a IP address is blacklisted for no good reason. Accidents do happen and when someone submits an IP to a blacklist database it could be off by one number or done intentional to hurt you.

Having your IP whitelisted again and marked as safe can be a very long and annoying process. The first thing you should do is use the blacklist IP address checker to see if the IP you search for shows up as being blocked or banned by the most popular reporting databases. Chances are if your IP shows up as blocked on one or more of these databases you will have trouble connecting to websites or if it is your server that is listed, then your users may have trouble getting to with a web browser.

Some of the spam database registries supported in our blacklist checker include places like and There are dozens of these spam reporting databases and there is a good chance you will have to contact all of them to have your IP removed if there is a false positive. If many complaints have been filed against your IP address then it is rare you will successfully have it whitelisted and marked as safe again. The best way to keep your IP from being put in one of these databases is not to spam websites and keep using your server for safe and lawful services.

Check If Your IP Address Is Blacklisted Now

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