The Way A Domain Name Format Looks

A domain name looks like jargon for non-technical people so when you try to tell someone what a domain name looks like they get really confused. The best way to break it down to them is relating a domain format to a physical mailing address.

Physical mailing addresses will vary in presentation but the idea is the same. The same goes for domains. Take this for example.

  • Host name: www
  • Domain: ipaddress
  • Extension: .com

What does this spell? It spells

A domain name is really as simple as the breakdown you just read. Thousands of different combinations and the hundreds of millions of registered names will make domain names all look different though. Adding subdomains and one of any hundreds of extensions will keep everyone paying close attention to what a domain name format looks like.

Here are some popular subdomains that are used. Support, blog, mail, email, webmail, docs, news, search, forum, services, and admin. These are only popular ones found on websites, but a subdomain could be anything! On you will find that our IP address and domain information results run on subdomains. Don’t forget that subdomain goes in front of the domain name!

At the end of the domain format comes the extension. Everyone knows .com right? Did you know there are thousands of others extensions with new ones being introduced all the time?

Check these out! .net, .org, .co, .de., .fr, .info, .in, .es and many more novelty and country level domains out there. Don’t forget that the extension goes on the end of the domain name ok?

A domain name looks like if anyone asks you to show them a example. Click here to search a domain whois.

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