Do A MAC Address Lookup

A MAC Address Lookup is not talked about as often as it should be. The very nature of the Media Access Control Address, or MAC for short, is to identify the unique network identity of a piece of hardware.

What used to be called the Etnernet Hardware Address (EHA) has developed in the common term of a MAC address that sees wider appeal in computers and network hardware.

Before you can lookup a MAC Address you have to know the way it looks. A MAC hardware address is 24 bits in length and has a format of 00-0H-72-45-20-07. This identifier is used only once per network card or device.

MAC lookups can also be done by a OUT Vendor prefix or a company name to see who built the hardware. Results are returned from a database packed full of computer manufacturers and PC makers.

If you want to find the manufacturer a specific MAC address and who it belongs to, enter your full address. The full number is the first 6 hexadecimal digits.

If you are using a MAC Address Lookup tool you would enter common formats such as 00-0H-72-45-20-07, 00:0H:72:45:20:07, 7245.2007, 00 0H 72 45 20 07, or 000H72452007.

To search by vendor name you can enter any company name in the lookup tool. For example if you want to search for Cisco, you would type Cisco or Cisco Networking or Cisco Routers in. has set forth the standards around a MAC Address that these companies adhere to when building new computer and networking routers or switches. Companies stick to a defined list of MAC Addresses they can use to build their equipment.

Smaller manufactures use a free generator to create random MAC numbers. These random identifiers are not found on a MAC Address lookup database in most cases.

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