Proxy Information Explained

There is something in computer networking that grows in popularity due to the surging demand of online privacy. This something is call a proxy. A proxy in networking is a third party server that sits between you and the website you are trying to access. It basically blocks or hides your IP address location from showing as the source, and instead displays the proxy server as the result.

A proxy is the middleman that requests information for a client on other other servers. You, the user, connects to a the proxy server or software when you want to look at a website, download files, or view services not usually available or blocked at your normal location. A proxy helps you get around the block and make you appear as if you were coming from a different location than you really are.

Web proxies are the most used types of proxy servers. The growing demand let to build a proxy checker so that users can check proxies and see where one is available at and in what country. The reason a proxy checker is needed comes from the high volatility found in the proxy market. A server being used as a proxy has a high rate of burn time, or the time before it goes offline. There are very few proxies that are stable and up for long periods due to the frequent blocking of these type of connections by websites and online services.

Once a proxy is blocked or blacklisted, it will go down and rarely will be available again. But to replace it, new proxies are launched daily all around the world. Think of a proxy like a gateway in the same method your Internet connection works. Instead of using your Internet connection to visit a website, you use your Internet connection to go to a web proxy and then the web proxy takes you to the website. Your connection may be in the United States and the web proxy could be in France. The website you are visiting will see the France IP address and not the United States IP address.

The security and privacy a proxy gives to users is why they are very popular and are in heavy demand. Browse our proxy list for updated proxies and country locations to find a working proxy that you can use in your browser settings or inside software you have downloaded.

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