Support Both UDP & TCP by DNS Flag Day 2020

The goal for supporting DNS over TCP as a mandatory move is now in motion by DNS service provider industry groups.

By the time DNS Flag Day 2020 arrives on February 1, 2020, providers want to see DNS servers handling both UDP and TCP queries at the same time, or risk being pushed out of existence.

This move comes from operators of DNS servers wanting the configurations and software on their servers to be able to handle both types of requests, TCP or UDP.

The Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) is one of the main protocols of the Internet protocol suite, as is the User Datagram Protocol (UDP) - where TCP is connection oriented, and UDP is connection-less. In fact, UDP does not use acknowledgments at all.

As the Internet grows, adapts, and changes to accommodate the future, so does the demand for more UDP devices.

After the success of DNS Flag Day 2019, industry groups want to push the entire system towards supporting DNS over TCP. Not all DNS providers support DNS over TCP and software developers generally avoid the issue because of the risk of breaking the applications they have created.

However as times change, the DNS industry is moving the goal closer to prevent workarounds from continuing and address the TCP problem head on.

The consensus that was reached under the Flag Day banner is that workarounds must go and better solutions need to be worked on, benefiting the entire industry of DNS service providers.

Come DNS Flag Day 2020, a plan will go into effect to stop offering workarounds and begin implementing the desired changes set forth by such group members as Cisco, CleanBrowsing. Cloudflare, Facebook, Google, and PowerDNS.

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