A Vulnerability In Skype Security Is Revealing Your IP Address

An IP address is a very important piece of information that should be protected from hackers at all costs. When exploited, an IP address can be used to trace the actual location of a user, steal personal information, and even create more vulnerabilities to spread attacks. An IP address given to an unauthorized individual could mean a world of trouble to any user.

The Skype IP Address Surprise

Protecting one's IP address is clearly important in the tech world. It came as a surprise when reports of Skype's vulnerability of revealing a user's IP address recently came to light.

According to 404Media, a researcher by the name of "Yossi" demonstrated that Skype could be used to reveal a user's IP address. What's even more troubling is the fact that it doesn't take much to extract this type of information through Skype.

404Media got in touch with Yossi to learn more about the vulnerability. Yossi simply sent a link to 404Media's Skype on their iPad which practically initiated the vulnerability. There's no need to click the link – the message just needs to be seen to be activated. After seeing the message, Yossi was able to reveal the IP address. The link doesn't have to be malicious – it just needs to be a link sent through text chat.

Fortunately, this vulnerability is only found on mobile devices and personal accounts. However, the sheer number of mobile devices used for Skype could mean potential problems for millions of users worldwide. The convenience of accessing Skype through your mobile phone or tablet makes anyone a potential target for those with bad intentions.

Microsoft's Response

According to online reports, Microsoft has been contacted about the vulnerability and have indicated that it will be fixed. The only concern right now is the actual date of action to fix this vulnerability as Skype seems not be getting as much attention as it used to.

Before the pandemic, Skype was practically a verb when it comes to VOIP communications. It's the word you use when you want to get in touch with another person online using voice and video. Unfortunately, Skype is no longer the de facto juggernaut when it comes to online voice and video communication as more and more online tools have stepped up to the plate to offer their services.

It is understandable that Microsoft may not give the same level of attention to Skype as it used to. However, it is still one of the biggest communication tools in the world with millions of users worldwide. At the very least, a timeline on the fix should be announced.

What to Do Now?

While some regular users may not be bothered about the vulnerability; activists, political dissidents, journalists and people whose anonymity needs protection may want may need an extra layer of protection.If you're one of the active Skype users on a mobile device who is interested in protecting their IP, then the use of a VPN or alternative means shielding your IP Address should be considered.

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