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HDToday.TV - June 2022

The pandemic did teach us a lot of lessons—we discovered we could achieve a lot more remotely than ever. Online shopping experienced a massive boost, companies saved more by encouraging members of staff to work remotely, and families had a lot of time to bond even more. Online entertainment was about the biggest gainer—we were exposed to the endless possibilities of real entertainment. Sites and apps like hdtoday.tv gained wider exposure.

HDToday.TV Preview

Do you want to enjoy movies, documentaries, news, and more from the comfort of your home in HD format? You probably want to visit HDToday.tv. The site has one of the most comprehensive library of movies and TV shows online.

Watch Thousands Of Movies At No Cost

With HDToday.tv, you can watch thousands of movies without annoying ads. Surprised? In today's world where hundreds of entertainment and movie sites offer access to movies but with annoying ads and all, HDToday tv movies offer free access to classics and latest movies with very few ads.

28 Genres To Choose From

Over 10,000 movies, news, documentaries, war, music, animation, horror, action, biography, and much more are spread across 28 genres to choose from. It is like an endless world of possibilities. It is all round entertainment with new additions every day.

Getting Started

Getting started is quite easy—sign up with your email as a first-time user, and feel free to log in every time. To sign up, you will be required to enter your name, email address, and password—it is that easy and at no cost.

After registration, you are good to go; a world of movies and real entertainment becomes accessible. By placing your cursor on the "Genre" menu, you will be accessible to 28 genres where you can click to access thousands of music, movies, news, documentaries, and many more.

When you click on "Action" for example, it takes you to another page where you will find a collection of action movies to choose from. You can choose from the list of action movies, and get to read the intro, year of release, movie length, and vote count before clicking the "Play" button to watch the real movie.

Choice Of Servers

On hdtoday tv, you will be able to choose from a list of available servers to stream your favorite movies. Each server delivers different level of speeds, and you can settle for the most stable of them to enjoy real-time entertainment.


The "Trailer" feature, as named, gives you the option of sneak preview of what to expect. It wets your appetite and sets the tone for the real movie or show. Trailers of course, are short clips from the real movie, and it is probably a great idea to have this feature on hdtoday.tv.

Search Bar

Can't find your favorite movie or show on the list? Don't worry; you can use the search bar to filter through. This is my favorite feature as it saves me the pain of finding my favorite move, especially when I am not too sure about the real name or correct spelling. Simply enter the name of your movie, hit the search button, and voila! Can't find your favorite hdtodaytv tv shows on the genre list? Use the search bar, it works like magic!

Favorite TV Shows And Movies

Perhaps, you want to watch an interesting movie a second time; hit the "Add to Favorite" button and you are good to go. All you must do when next you want to watch your favorite show is to go to your favorite show and you are set—it doesn't take forever.


Right below your chosen movie is a list of other related movies that share similar themes and stories. I tried out this feature by clicking on the sci-fiction "Jurassic Island" movie, and right beneath it is a list of other related movies including "Island of Death," "King of Devil's Island," the "Treasure Island," and a host of others.

Android App

Finally, there is an Android app, which means you can take entertainment with you everywhere you go. The app makes it easy for you to watch movies and shows on your phone with ease.


A good site to get served real-time entertainment without those annoying ads.

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