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HorizonParking.co.uk - June 2022

Owning a vehicle is always an advantage since it allows freedom of movement not only for the owner but also for the transport companions. The sense of freedom to go anywhere at any time coupled with comfort could be easily done with the right vehicle. Aside from transporting people, the right vehicle could even be used to transport items which eases the burden of hiring outside help.

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But owning a vehicle in a highly urbanized area has its challenges. Among them: parking. While owning a vehicle allows anyone the freedom for transport, finding a good parking spot could be very difficult. Free parking in an urban setting is practically impossible nowadays.

Searching the Right Spot at Horizon Parking

Pay parking does not mean expensive parking fees and vehicle owners don't even have to roam around the city figuring out where to park. Horizonparking.co.uk offers paid parking on specific locations and these parking areas are found near popular locations in urban areas. Instead of looking for a public parking space hoping for an opening, paying ahead of time for a specific parking spot removes all the stress associated with parking.

Pay parking in popular urban settings has become possible through Horizon Parking as the company has worked with private individuals in converting their private lot into a parking space. Instead of letting an idle land do nothing, converting it into a parking space is an opportunity for land owners to earn while providing good service to the community.

Booking a Spot at Horizon Parking

Booking for a parking space at Horizon Parking is very easy. After visiting the website, click on "Book a Parking Space" on the upper right section of the website. Search for the parking spot by providing an address and click on the parking spot preferred. Depending on the parking spot, booking is allowed hourly, daily or even monthly with different fees in every location. Naturally, popular parking spots command a higher price compared to unpopular spots. Fees are clearly indicated before the payment page with confirmation provided after payment is done.

Horizon Parking also has a "Pay and Display" feature in some locations. In these locations, no prior booking is required and those who wish to park simply purchase the ticket when they arrive at the location. The ticket purchased is then displayed in their vehicle to tell the attendant of their parking privileges.

Always Check the Signage

Horizon Parking is just like any other pay for park companies wherein customers can enjoy the benefits of the parking as long as they have paid for it. But aside from parking, it is important to note that there are additional conditions that should be met or else there will be additional fees to be paid. The following are common things that could result to a parking charge notice or PCN:

  • No Valid Permit Displayed
  • Parking on Hatched Areas
  • Parking on Roadways and Footpaths
  • Parking Out of Marked Areas
  • Obstructive Parking
  • Parking in Disabled Bay without Valid Badge

These notices are clearly displayed on signage in every Horizon Parking location. Those looking to park their car in these locations should always be on a lookout for signage and follow these instructions to avoid unnecessary fines.

Appealing a Fine

Aside from paying for parking in advance, vehicle owners can also pay horizonparking.co.uk for PCNs. These PCNs are issued to anyone who has violated the conditions set by the parking space. Paying for a PCN is relatively easy since the website needs only the reference number plus the vehicle registration and they are all printed clearly in the PCN.

The same information is needed for those who want to use www.horizonparking.co.uk appeal process. However, it is important to remember that an appeal is only for the offense itself and not on the authority of Horizon Parking in issuing fines. Horizon Parking is working on a privately owned land that has set-up conditions for anyone who enters the lot. The appeals process usually takes around 35 days from the date of appeal. During that time, PCN holders are not required to pay the fee.

Make sure to book ahead of time or follow the procedures set by "Pay and Display" parking locations. Services offered by Horizon Parking are best enjoyed by following the basic parking conditions.

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