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Private IP Address belongs to the private IP address space - ( ).

A private IP address is, in contrast to a public IP address, not allocated to a specific organization, but can be used by anyone without approval from a regional Internet registry. Private IP addresses can only be reached within a closed network and are not directly accessible from the outer Internet. On the one side this is considered a security enhancement because an external Internet host cannot directly communicate with an internal host. On the other side this works again IPv4 address depletion as many companies and individuals only need a single public IP address from their ISP, and still can access the Internet with more than one computer, smartphone, or other Internet connected devices simultaneously. To find out what external IP address your router is using please go to the My IP page.

IANA has allocated the subnet for private use in February 1996 as noted in RFC 1918. It's a series of 256 contiguous class C networks with a prefix length of 8 bits each and spans 65,536 ( 256 * 28 ) IP addresses ranging from to If you want to learn more about IP subnetting we encourage you to take a look at our subnet calculator.

The address is sometimes misspelled, and you might see typical typing errors like these: 192.168.I.254, 192.168.l.254

Network routers usually offer a configuration interface that is accessible via web browser on a URL like or or through a router specific host name alias. Below you will find a list of routers that use as the default IP address get access to its configuration interface.

List of Routers with default IP address

Router ModelDefault UsernameDefault Password
2Wire 1000HGadminadmin
2Wire 1700HWadminadmin
2Wire 1701HG
2Wire 1800HGnonewireless
2Wire 1800HG
2Wire 2700HG-Sadminadmin
2Wire 2701HG-G
2Wire 2701HG-T
2Wire 2701HG-T
2Wire 3000 series
2Wire 3800HGV-B
Addon WBR9200admin
AirLive Air3Gadminairlive
AirLive G.DUO
AirLive GW-300Rairlive
AirLive N.MINIadminairlive
AirLive N.Poweradminairlive
AirLive WN-220ARMairlive
AirLive WN-220Rairlive
AirLive WN-250Radminairlive
AirLive WN-350Radminairlive
aztech WL730RT4n/an/a
aztech WL73ORT4n/an/a
Billion BiGuard 2adminadmin
Billion BiGuard 30adminadmin
Billion BiGuard 50Gadminadmin
Billion BiGuard S3000adminadmin
Billion BiGuard S6000adminadmin
Billion Billion W40 Billion W40online2606108@telkomsa.netamhlyqau
Billion Bipac 5100adminadmin
Billion BiPAC 5102adminadmin
Billion BiPAC 5200Nadminadmin
Billion BiPAC 5200N RCadminadmin
Billion BiPAC 5200Sadminadmin
Billion BiPAC 5210Sadminadmin
Billion BiPAC 5210S RCadminadmin
Billion BiPAC 6200NXLadminadmin
Billion BiPAC 6200NXLadminadmin
Billion BiPAC 6404VGP R3adminadmin
Billion BiPAC 7300 RAadminadmin
Billion BiPAC 7300GXadminadmin
Billion BiPAC 7300Nadminadmin
Billion BiPAC 7401VGP R3adminadmin
Billion BiPAC 7402GXadminadmin
Billion BiPAC 7402GXLadminadmin
Billion BiPAC 7402GXLadminadmin
Billion BiPAC 7402NXLadminadmin
Billion BiPAC 7402VGPadminadmin
Billion BiPAC 7402Xadminadmin
Billion BiPAC 7404VGOadminadmin
Billion BiPAC 7404VGPadminadmin
Billion BiPAC 7404VGPXadminadmin
Billion BiPAC 7404VGX seriesadminadmin
Billion BiPAC 7404VNPXadminadmin
Billion BiPAC 7404VNX seriesadminadmin
Billion BiPAC 7700Nadminadmin
Billion BiPAC 7700Nadminadmin
Billion BiPAC 7800 Nadminadmin
Billion BiPAC 7800GZadminadmin
Billion BiPAC 8200Nadminadmin
Billion BiPAC 9300VNXadminadmin
Billion BiPAC 9800Nadminadmin
Billion BiPAC5210S RCadminadmin
Billion BiPAC9300VNXadminadmin
Billion BP3100SNn/aaccess
CC&C WA-2204A
D-Link DVA-G3810BNadmintelus
Digicom 3G BACKUPadminadmin
Digicom 3G SOHOadminadmin
Digicom 3G SOHO PLUSadminadmin
Digicom 3G WLLadminadmin
Digicom MICHELANGELO WAVE 150Cadminadmin
Digicom MICHELANGELO WAVE 300adminadmin
Digicom MICHELANGELO WAVE PRO V 3Gadminadmin
Dynamode BR6004W-G
Free Freebox 4adminroot
Fujitsu Siemens CONNECT2AIR AP-600RPconnect
Fujitsu Siemens Fujitsu Simens Fujitsu Simensadmin533nermoadmin
Gigabyte GN-AP05Gadminadmin
Gigabyte GN-B41Gadminadmin
Gigabyte GN-B49Gadminadmin
Gigabyte GN-BR01Gadminadmin
Gigabyte GN-BR01Gadminadmin
Gigabyte GN-BR02Gadminadmin
Gigabyte GN-BR03GMadminadmin
Gigabyte GN-BR30N-RHadminadmin
Gigabyte GN-BR30N-RHadminadmin
Gigabyte GN-BR31NE-RHadminadmin
Gigabyte GN-BR31NE-RHadminadmin
Gigabyte GN-BR32L-RHadminadmin
Gigabyte GN-BR32L-RHadminadmin
Hawking H-BR49
Hawking HAWNR3admin1234
Hawking HWR258admin
Hawking HWR54Gadmin
Hawking HWRN1A Hi-Gain Wireless-300N Routeradminadmin
Hawking HWRN2 Hi-Gain Wireless-300N Routeradmin
Huawei B315s-608adminadmin
Huawei B618adminadmin
LevelOne FBR-1161adminadmin
LevelOne FBR-1161adminadmin
LevelOne FBR-1161Aadminadmin
LevelOne FBR-1461Aadminadmin
LevelOne WBR-3470(adminadmin
LevelOne WBR-3470Aadminadmin
LevelOne WBR-3600(adminadmin
LevelOne WBR-3800adminadmin
LevelOne WBR-6601adminadmin
Motorola 2210-02
Motorola 2246N-VGxadminadmin
Motorola 2247-N8admin
MSI RG54SE IIadminadmin
Netcomm NP290Wadmin
Netgear ME102(none)default
Netopia 2240N-VGx
Netopia 2241N-VGx
Netopia 2246N-VGx
Netopia 2247-62admin
Netopia 2247-62adminblank
Netopia 2247NWG-VGx
Netopia 3346N-VGx
Netopia 3347-02
Netopia 3347-02-1006admin
Netopia 3347NWG-VGx
Netopia 3347Wadmin
Netopia 3351
Netopia 3546Admin
Netopia 3546-002Admin
Netopia 3547WAdmin
Netopia 7107-65admin
Netopia 7107-N7adminuser set
Ovislink corp WL-1000Radminovislink
ovislink WL-1600GLadminairlive
ovislink WMM-3000Radminairlive
ovislink WN-301Radminairlive
Pirelli DRG A124Nadminadmin
Pirelli DRG A225G3play3play
Pirelli DRG-A2253G3play3play
Pirelli DRVA223Guserpassword
Pirelli DSBG A4xxGadminadmin
Planet ADE-3400adminadmin
Planet ADE-3410adminadmin
Planet ADE-4400adminadmin
Prolink Hurricane 5301Gadminpassword
Prolink Hurricane 6300Gadminadmin
Prolink Hurricane 9000Gadminpassword
Prolink Hurricane 9300G 8974202adminpassword
Safecom SWBARR-5400adminadmin
Siemens Gigaset SE567defaulttelus
Sparklan WAPR-701Nn/an/a
Sparklan WCM-110n/an/a
Sparklan WRTR-142n/an/a
Sparklan WRTR-502GNn/an/a
Sparklan WRTR-505Nn/an/a
Sparklan WX-7800An/an/a
Technicolor TG580
Technicolor TG585n
Technicolor TG585v7
Technicolor TG585v8
Technicolor TG605
Technicolor TG712
Thomson Speed Touch 546v6Administrator
Thomson SpeedTouch 510 v6Adiministrator
Thomson SpeedTouch 536administratorblank
Thomson SpeedTouch 576blankblank
Thomson SpeedTouch 585administrationblank
Thomson SpeedTouch 608WLadministratorblank
Thomson SpeedTouch 620(none)
Thomson SpeedTouch 620blankblank
Thomson SpeedTouch 706WLblankblank
Thomson SpeedTouch 780WLblankblank
Thomson speedtouch st585v6 st585v6severhttpLeid2ads
Thomson SpeedTouch576blankblank
Thomson Technicolor / Thomson SpeedTouch 608WL
Thomson TG580 DSLblankblank
Thomson TG581nblankblank
Thomson TG585blankblank
Thomson TG585blankblank
Thomson TG585Nblankblank
Thomson TG585Nblankblank
Thomson TG585v7
Thomson TG587Nblankblank
Thomson TG587Nblankblank
Thomson TG589vnblankblank
Thomson TG712blankblank
Thomson TG782
Thomson TG782Tadmin
Thomson TG784blankblank
Thomson TG784n
Thomson TG787
Thomson TG789Nblankblank
Thomson TG797Nadminadmin
Thomson TG870admin
Thomson Thomson ST620blankblank
Thomson Thomson TG580blankblank
Toplink C & C Corporation WLG-200AP
TP-Link TL-WA500Gadminadmin
TP-Link TL-WA701NDadminadmin
TP-Link TL-WA901NDadminadmin
TrendNET TDM-C400adminadmin
Verilink 8100
X-Micro XWL-11GRTX
Zyxel P-2602H Series1234
Zyxel P-2602HW Series1234
Zyxel VSG1432admintelus

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