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Private IP Address belongs to the private IP address space - ( ).

A private IP address is, in contrast to a public IP address, not allocated to a specific organization, but can be used by anyone without approval from a regional Internet registry. Private IP addresses can only be reached within a closed network and are not directly accessible from the outer Internet. On the one side this is considered a security enhancement because an external Internet host cannot directly communicate with an internal host. On the other side this works again IPv4 address depletion as many companies and individuals only need a single public IP address from their ISP, and still can access the Internet with more than one computer, smartphone, or other Internet connected devices simultaneously. To find out what external IP address your router is using please go to the My IP page.

IANA has allocated the subnet for private use in February 1996 as noted in RFC 1918. It's a series of 256 contiguous class C networks with a prefix length of 8 bits each and spans 65,536 ( 256 * 28 ) IP addresses ranging from to If you want to learn more about IP subnetting we encourage you to take a look at our subnet calculator.

The address is sometimes misspelled, and you might see typical typing errors like these: 192.168.2.I, 192.168.2.l

Network routers usually offer a configuration interface that is accessible via web browser on a URL like or or through a router specific host name alias. Below you will find a list of routers that use as the default IP address get access to its configuration interface.

List of Routers with default IP address

Router ModelDefault UsernameDefault Password
3COM 3CRWE554G72Tadmin
Aceex AWgR/2admin
Aethra SV6044n/apassword
AirLink 101 AR695Wn/aadmin
AirLink Airlink 101 AR570Wadminadmin
AirLink AR550W3Gadmin
AirLink AR570Wadminadmin
AirLink AR660W3Gadminadmin
AirLink AR660W3Gadminadmin
AirLink AR675Wadminadmin
AirLink AR695Wadmin
AirLive ARM-201Eadminairlive
AirLive ARM-204Eadminairlive
AirTies RT-210 Air 4240n/ablank
AirTies RT-210 Air 4450n/ablank
AirTies RT-210 Air 5020
AirTies RT-210 Air 5050
AirTies RT-210 Air 5340
AirTies RT-210 Air 5340n/an/a
AirTies RT-210 Air 5440
AirTies RT-210 Air 5450
AirTies RT-210 Air 6221
AirTies RT-210 Air 6271
AirTies RT-210 AirTies Air 4420adminadmin
AirTies RT-210 AirTies Air 5440adminadmin
AirTies RT-210 AirTies RT-212n/ablank
AirTies RT-210 ömerakıncın/an/a
AirTies RT-210 RT-104
AirTies RT-210 RT-111
AirTies RT-210 RT-204
AirTies RT-210 RT-204n/ablank
AirTies RT-210 RT-205
AirTies RT-210 RT-205n/ablank
AirTies RT-210 RT-206adminttnet
AirTies RT-210 RT-211
AirTies RT-210 RT-211adminadmin
AirTies RT-210 SR-140
AirTies RT-210 WAV-275 v2
AmbiCom WL300N-ARadmin1234
ASUS DSL-G31adminadmin
aztech DSL605EUadminadmin
aztech GR7000adminadmin
aztech HW550-3Gadminadmin
aztech HW550-3Gadminadmin
Belkin Belkin F9K1102n/an/a
Belkin belkin n 150 belkin n 150bobo31jozsef31
Belkin DB F9K1115 V2blankblank
Belkin E9K9000blankblank
Belkin F5D5231-4
Belkin F5D6230-3
Belkin F5D6230-3blank
Belkin F5D6231-4blankblank
Belkin F5D7230-4
Belkin F5D7231-4
Belkin F5D7231-4n/ablank
Belkin F5D7234-4
Belkin F5D8230-4
Belkin F5D8230-4blankblank
Belkin F5D8231-4
Belkin F5D8231-4blank
Belkin F5D8232-4
Belkin F5D8232-4blank
Belkin F5D8233-4
Belkin F5D8233-4blank
Belkin F5D8235-4
Belkin F5D8235-4blank
Belkin F5D8236-4
Belkin F5D8236-4blank
Belkin F5D8636-4
Belkin F5D9230-4
Belkin F5D9231-4
Belkin F5D9630-4
Belkin F6D4230-4
Belkin F6D4230-4blank
Belkin F6D6230-4n/ablank
Belkin F7D1301 v1
Belkin F7D2301
Belkin F7D3302
Belkin F7D4301
Belkin F7D4302
Belkin F7D6301MiniAPadmin
Belkin F7D6301n/an/a
Belkin F7D7301adminadmin
Belkin F7D7302adminadmin
Belkin F7D8301adminadmin
Belkin F7D8301n/an/a
Belkin F7D8302adminadmin
Belkin F9K1010 V2adminadmin
Belkin F9K1102adminblank
Belkin F9K1103adminadmin
Belkin F9K1113adminadmin
Belkin F9K1116adminadmin
Belkin F9K1123adminadmin
Belkin G54 N150-F9K1009blankblank
Belkin N1adminblank
Belkin N150
Belkin RE6500adminblank
Belkin RT1800adminblank
canyon CN-WF514admin1234
canyon CNP-WF514N1admin1234
Cisco RV130Wadminadmin
Conceptronic C100BRS4Hadmin1234
Conceptronic C54BRS4admin1234
D-Link 3G-6200Wgadmin1234
Deutsche Telekom Speedport W 503V
Deutsche Telekom Speedport W 701V0000
Digicom VoiceGATE 8D5499adminvoicegate
Edimax 3G-6200nadmin1234
Edimax 3G-6200nLadmin1234
Edimax 3G-6200nLadmin1234
Edimax 3G-6210n(admin1234
Edimax 3G-6218nadmin1234
Edimax 3G6200Wgadmin1234
Edimax AR-7064Mg+n/aadmin
Edimax AR-7084Aadmin1234
Edimax AR-7084G Aadmin1234
Edimax AR-7084gBadmin1234
Edimax AR-7084gBadmin1234
Edimax AR-7211Badmin1234
Edimax AR-7265WnAadmin1234
Edimax AR-7265WnAadmin1234
Edimax AR-7265WnBadmin(1234
Edimax AR-7266WnAadmin1234
Edimax AR-7266WnBadmin1234
Edimax AR-7284WnBadmin1234
Edimax AR-7287WNAadmin1234
Edimax BR-6204Wgadmin1234
Edimax BR-6204Wgadmin1234
Edimax BR-6204Wgadmin1234
Edimax BR-6208ACadmin1234
Edimax BR-6216Mgadmin1234
Edimax BR-6225nadmin1234
Edimax BR-6225nadmin1234
Edimax BR-6225nadmin1234
Edimax BR-6226nadmin1234
Edimax BR-6226nadmin1234
Edimax BR-6226nadmin1234
Edimax BR-6314Kadmin1234
Edimax BR-6324nLadmin1234
Edimax BR-6424admin1234
Edimax BR-6424n V2admin1234
Edimax BR-6428nSadmin1234
Edimax BR-6476ACadmin1234
Edimax BR-6504nadmin1234
Edimax BR-6524nadmin(1234
Edimax BR-6574nadmin1234
Edimax BR-6574nadmin1234
Edimax BR-6574nadmin1234
Edimax CAP300admin1234
Edimax Edimax 3G-6210nadmin1234
Edimax EW-7205APL Firmware release 2.40a-00Admin1234
Edimax EW-7206APGadmin1234
Edimax EW-7206PDgadminblank
Edimax EW-7228APnadmin1234
Edimax EW-7301APgadmin1234
Edimax EW-7303HPnadmin1234
Edimax EW-7318Ugadmin1234
Edimax EW-7415PDnadmin1234
Edimax EW-7416APnadmin1234
Edimax EW-7416APn V2admin1234
Edimax RG21Sadmin1234
Grandstream GXW4004admin
Grandstream GXW4008admin
Grandstream GXW4024Admin
Grandstream HT502admin
Grandstream HT503admin
Guillemot HWNR-300123456
Hercules HWNAP-300123456
Hercules HWNRi-300support123456
Intellinet 524681--
Intellinet ICI524940--
Intellinet Network Solutions 5234621234
Intellinet Network Solutions 524445admin1234
Intellinet Network Solutions 524490admin1234
Intellinet Network Solutions 524681admin1234
Intellinet Network Solutions 524704admin1234
Intellinet Network Solutions 524711admin1234
Intellinet Network Solutions 524728admin1234
Intellinet Network Solutions 524735admin1234
Intellinet Network Solutions 524780admin1234
Intellinet Network Solutions 524797admin1234
Intellinet Network Solutions 524803admin1234
Intellinet Network Solutions 5248271234
Intellinet Network Solutions 524872ad1234
Intellinet Network Solutions 524896admin1234
Intellinet Network Solutions 524940admin1234
Intellinet Network Solutions 524957admin1234
JAHT JWA-6108admin1234
JAHT WA-4054EMadmin1234
JAHT WP4001bradmin1234
LevelOne FBR-1405TXadmin1234
LevelOne FBR-1406TX
Linksys WET54G 54Mbps Wireless-G Ethernet Bridgeciscolinksys
Linksys WRT54G3G-ATadmin
Micronet SP3361Cadmin1234
Nortel LNWR100Tlgnortel
Nortel LNWR300NlgnortelAdmin
Ovislink corp WT-2000ARMadminairlive
PheeNet Technology WLn-402admin1234
Philips CGA5722
Philips CGA7740N
Philips PAC030unknownunknown
Philips SNA6500
Philips SNB6500
Philips SNK5620
REPOTEC RP-WAC5420adminadmin
REPOTEC RP-WAC5421adminadmin
Siemens Gigaset SE555admin
Sierra Wireless AirLink MP70user12345
SMC BARRICADE SMCWBR14-N5adminsmcadmin
SMC Networks 7008BRadmin
SMC Networks SMC2555W-AG2adminsmcadmin
SMC Networks SMC2804WBR v.1(none)
SMC Networks SMC7004ABR
SMC Networks SMC7004FW
SMC Networks SMC7004VBR
SMC Networks SMC7901BRA2smcadmin
SMC Networks SMC7904BRAsmcadmin
SMC Networks SMC7904BRA2smcadmin
SMC Networks SMC7904WBRA-Nsmcadmin
SMC Networks SMC7904WBRA2smcadmin
SMC Networks SMC7904WBRA4adminsmcadmin
SMC Networks SMC7904WBRB EU(none)smcadmin
SMC Networks SMC7904WBRB2smcadmin
SMC Networks SMC7908VoWBRAsmcadmin
SMC Networks SMCBR24Qsmcadminsmcadmin
SMC Networks SMCWBR14-Gsmcadmin
SMC Networks SMCWBR14-G EUsmcadmin
SMC Networks SMCWBR14-G2smcadmin
SMC Networks SMCWBR14-Nsmcadmin
SMC Networks SMCWBR14S-N2smcadmin
SMC Networks SMCWBR14S-N3adminsmcadmin
SMC Networks SMCWBR14S-N4adminsmcadmin
SMC Networks SMCWBR14T-Gsmcadmin
SMC Networks SMCWGBR14-NAdminsmcadmin
SMC Networks SMCWHSG14-Gadminsmcadmin
SMC SMC7904WBRA2n/asmcadmin
Sparklan WRTR-169Gadmin1234
Sparklan WX-6215Gadminadmin
T Com Speedport W 720 V Speedport W 720 V0000
T-Com Speedport Smart 4
T-Com Speedport W700V0000
TP-Link Archer A7adminadmin
U.S. Robotics USR5461
Zonet ZSR4124WEadmin1234
ZTE ZXV10-W300adminttnet

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