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What Is My IP Address

To find out more about your public IP address please go to our What Is My IP page. If you are a developer and look for a way to determine any client's public IP address in your application, then you might be interested in our free My IP API.

IPv4 Addresses

Domains and Hostnames

IP Address Tools

Trace Email Address

Trace an email address with this tool. Perform a header trace or an advanced email owner search.

Verify Email Address

Enter a email address to verify if it exists or not and see additional information we recommend for bulk verification.

IP Address Lookup

A tool to trace an IP address, lookup domain details, and even website IP host information.

My IP Address

See your IP address information, host, organization, Netspeed, City, Country, Time Zone and more with a map.

Free My IP API

A free, simple, and easy to use API to show the caller's public IP address in plain text, CSV, JSON, JSONP, XML, or YAML format.

Knowledge Base Articles

Report Email Spam and Abuse

Find out how to report email spam and abuse that you or someone you know is receiving.

How To Trace An Email Address

Depending on how much information you need on the email trace will depend on which technique that we tell you about to use.

Email Verification The Easy Way

Email verification online can be easy when working with the right tools. Choosing what techniques work the best is your first step.

What is an Email Header?

An email header reveals the physical location of the sender. When you want to know where an email came from, read this.

Find Your IP Address Location

Find your IP address location by using the free IP tool to do it at IPAddress.com.

Static vs. Dynamic IP Address

Read about the comparison of a static IP address versus a dynamic one with the differences between the two.

Find IP Address Information

Find IP address information about you or someone else with this revealing insider online tool.

What does a IP address look like?

A IP address contains a series of numbers and decimals. Click here to see what a IP looks like.

How To Change Your IP Address Faster Than Ever

Complete instructions on how to change your IP address faster on a computer or Internet router using Cable, DSL, or Broadband connections.

Your Mac's IP Address, Where Is It?

Find out how to locate the internal and external IP address on your Mac computer using the OSX operating system.

What is an IP Address?

Your IP address is your personal Internet phone number. Read more about why your IP is important.

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