Join us in this detailed review of the subdomain ns4.serveriai.lt of the domain serveriai.lt. We'll be exploring various aspects of the subdomain, including its server location, DNS records, related keywords, and website speed. Our assessment of the server location will focus on how it can impact the subdomain's performance and search engine rankings. Additionally, we'll investigate the DNS records to understand the subdomain's infrastructure and verify its legitimacy. Moreover, we'll analyze the related keywords to determine their relevance and impact on the subdomain's search engine optimization. Lastly, we'll assess the website speed to ensure optimal user experience.

A Comprehensive Evaluation of ns4.serveriai.lt's Subdomain

ns4.serveriai.lt is a subdomain of the serveriai.lt domain name that has been allocated under the country-code top-level domain .lt. The web servers' location is the United States and the hostname resolves to the IP addresses and 2400:cb00:2049:1::a29f:19fd.

Domain Labelserveriai
IP Addresses
  • 2400:cb00:2049:1::a29f:19fd
Web Server Location🇺🇸 United States
Last Updated: | Reviewed:

Maximizing ns4.Serveriai.lt's Web Performance: Meta Tags, Web Server, Page Load Time, and Backlinks Report

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There seems to be no web server configured for ns4.serveriai.lt

Where can I find the server that hosts ns4.serveriai.lt?

ns4.serveriai.lt's servers are based in the United States. IP addresses and 2400:cb00:2049:1::a29f:19fd are the ones used to route the traffic.

The process of IP geolocation is used to identify the physical location of a device connected to the internet. This is achieved by using the device's IP address and various methods such as GPS, Wi-Fi positioning, cell tower triangulation, and database mapping. The information gathered through this process has several applications, including website analytics, targeted advertising, and fraud detection.

🇺🇸 United States

The IP address 2400:cb00:2049:1::a29f:19fd is located in the United States.

LocationUnited States
Latitude37.7510 / 37°45′3″ N
Longitude-97.8220 / 97°49′19″ W
Local Time
IPv6 Addresses
  • 2400:cb00:2049:1::a29f:19fd

Exploring the DNS Records for ns4.serveriai.lt

1 A record and 1 AAAA record are present in the DNS setup for ns4.serveriai.lt. Our NSLookup Tool can be utilized to discover additional DNS resource records if needed. DNS is a critical component of the internet, allowing for the translation of domain names into IP addresses that computers can understand. DNS resource records are a crucial element of this system, containing information about a domain such as its IP addresses, mail server addresses, and other settings. These records help to ensure the reliability and accessibility of resources across the internet, making them essential to the functioning of the modern world.

A Records

A records are a type of DNS resource record that translates a domain name into its corresponding IPv4 address. These records are used to ensure the proper functioning of internet services, such as website hosting and email services, and are an essential part of the DNS system.

AAAA Records

AAAA records are DNS resource records that map a domain name to its IPv6 address. These records are critical for ensuring access to a domain from IPv6 networks and are used in conjunction with A (IPv4) records to ensure access from both IPv4 and IPv6 networks.

ns4.serveriai.lt Comparable Phrases and Related Queries

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Serveriai Ns4 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What is ns4.serveriai.lt IP address?

    ns4.serveriai.lt resolves to the IP addresses and 2400:cb00:2049:1::a29f:19fd.

  • What country does ns4.serveriai.lt come from?

    ns4.serveriai.lt has its servers located in the United States.