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IP Lookup

Use our IP address lookup tool to trace an IP address to its approximate IP geolocation. Our IP finder has been around for years and is constantly honed to provide you the best and most accurate IP lookup information online.

So what is the IP Address lookup tool more specifically? An IP lookup tool is best used to track the IP Address that you enter into it for a detailed Geo display on a map with a full report on the IP address your researching. This report will provide specific information on the IP address like the ISP (Internet Service Provider), physical location through Geo IP mapping, city and country, and location time zone among others. A beneficial IP address research service, our IP address lookup tool will assist you greatly as our IP location database is an industry leader in accuracy and reliability.

Looking up an IP is common by a user like yourself who may want to see where it is located on a map. It is rare that you will actually find out the physical address of an IP address, but you can get close to the location of it. You can usually trace an IP to an Internet Service Provider (ISP) of which you can request further details on the address if you have a legal right to do so. People who lookup an IP address typically have a reason for it like spamming or strange or offending emails. If it is email related you can always try our trace email address tool for more information on the sender.

If it is for an IP address specific reason, try contacting the ISP that is hosting the IP. Keep in mind that tracing can be limited or spoofed by advanced users who are using a proxy address to make themselves appear from a different region in the world than they really are. There is software and ways people can hide my IP address online you should read about and become aware of.

Now that you have had a chance to lookup the IP address, domain, or host in question. Take a look at the other tools on IPAddress.com that we have to offer for absolutely free! Tools like our email trace, reverse IP lookup, and bandwidth speedtest are all great ways to research technology and better understand networking. Learn how the world communicates through the Internet Protocol Address!



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