Bulk IP Lookup

IPAddress.com's Bulk IP Address Lookup tool is available for you to find the IP location and the corresponding ISP of both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses with a single search.

After the batch IP checker has ran and processed, you can download the IP location result in a handy CSV format for free.

You'll find that this tool is handy for investigating multiple IP addresses found in server logs.

Begin by typing or pasting every IP address you want to check in the first box. IP addresses can be separated by comma, semicolon, or any whitespace character like space, tab or newline. Enter up to 100 IP addresses in the box at a time.

Once you have entered all the IPs you want to check, press the "Bulk Lookup IP Addresses" button to run the search.

Your results will be displayed afterwards showing the IP address you entered, the continent, country, state/city/postal if it applies, the ISP, and the ASN. Some IP addresses may not return all of these fields and will depend on what information is available for the IP at the time of your lookup.

What Happens When a Bulk IP Address Lookup Is Blocked?

There are times of the day and certain network restrictions by hosting providers that are put in place which could cause a bulk ip lookup to be blocked. Because an IP lookup is a network diagnostic tool that is used for discovering the location of the the IP address being queried, problems can occur with blocking by registries and service providers.

Our bulk IP lookup tool is limited to 100 IP queries at a time, but you can also try searching for IP addresses at one of the regional providers. If you find that an IP address result is blocked from a lookup, try searching by using one of following registries near your region of the world.

Regional IP Address Registries

Do you need only a single IP address lookup without the need for a bulk query? Try our IP address lookup tool instead.