IP Address To Country

This IP to Country tool is made to map any IP address, domain, or hostname you want to search for to a country location in the world. When you pair an IP address to a geographical location, the process is called geolocation.
Our database pulls information from the best available sources that are routinely updated. There are times when you need to identify where an IP address of visitors to your server are coming from.
Start your geolocation search in the box below to see what the country is the IP address belongs to.

Why No IP to Country Tool Is Perfect

It is nearly impossible to find an exact location of a host given the IP address it uses, but you can get very close. Essentially, a IP to Country tool is a super version of the 'traceroute' command. That network command is used to find routes to the location of the IP address being queried.

Nearly every IP address is logged with American Registry for Internet Numbers, or ARIN for short. ARIN's database provides a mechanism for finding the contact and owner registration information for IP addresses registered with ARIN itself. Not all, but most.

The reason why no IP to Country tool is perfect comes from how well the IP addresses of the world are updated by service providers. Changes happen daily and IP segments are re-assigned to new owners on certain occasions.

Sometimes these changes do not get recorded or are recorded later on with ARIN. The accuracy rating of our tool is somewhere around 98%.

This percentage could be higher or lower because of the accuracy of the database records and registrations from those responsible for them. Most IP addresses are listed to the correct country when using the tool and gives you a general idea of a country’s IP address segments.

For hostnames with more than one IP address or country, multiple results will be displayed.

Now that you have learned that Geolocation involves the mapping of an IP address to a country (or region/city, latitude/longitude, etc. depending on the tool) maybe you would like to resolve an IP address to some countries yourself with an app or tool you have built?

We have a free and easy to use API that will map an IP address to Country in plain text, CSV, JSON, JSONP, XML, or YAML format. View our IP address to country API page to learn more.