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Test Your Internet Speed

Test your internet speed today using our bandwidth speed test here on IPAddress.com. It is very easy to use, just click "Begin Test" and allow sufficient time for the speed test to run.

Our broadband speed test is fully online, and in real time. After starting your test, give it a few minutes to complete and present the results for you. During testing, our connection checker will simulate download and upload speeds that your bandwidth can handle and report the findings.

Depending on your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and the time of day when your run the bandwidth speed test online, you can receive different results based on how much network traffic is currently being experienced between testing locations and your computer.

Sometimes it is good to compare multiple speed tests to get a better picture of how your connection really performs. Different tests run from different servers and latency is dependent on where those servers are located in the world and how many people are accessing them at the same time you are.

It's fast, fun, and gives you the ability to run your own bandwidth speed test anytime you want to compare results and know just how fast your internet connection is. Bookmark this page in your favorites so you can come back often and get an average comparison of your speed results across several days. If you are very technical, we suggest testing your connection once a week to make sure your ISP is performing up to standards.

You can also perform an IP lookup on a testing server if you have the IP address of that server. You can see more details about the server and where it is hosted at or run a ping test to see how fast a server responds.

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