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Ping Test Tool

A free ping test tool awaits your use below. Enter a IP address, domain, or hostname in the search box and hit the ping button to test if your location can reach the target location successfully. Hit the reset button to start a new search using our online ping test tool. If you found this page and want to test your bandwidth connection you can click here instead.

A ping is a computer networking terms that describes the ability to send a message from one location in a network to another. In the case of online use, a ping test is used to test a IP address, domain, or hostname from your location to another location on the Internet. A ping test is used to determine if your computer using a web browsers is able to talk with another server or website for example.

Latency is provided in a ping test. Latency is the time it takes to receive a reply from a IP address or domain that you test from your location. The longer the time it takes then the higher the latency or delay in response. Ping tests are used to troubleshoot connectivity problems to websites or servers mostly. Ping tests are very helpful to network administrators and online gamers.

The results of a ping test will depend on the quality of the sending and receiving Internet connection and the distance between the pings. Results can vary during the time of day also.

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