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Many people are looking for a way to conduct email reverse lookup for free. Read on to check out a couple of options.

The Search Engine Approach

To conduct an email reverse lookup, free tools like search engines must be the first option. You should give popular search engines a shot to see if you can get the results you are looking for.

Type the email address you have into the search bar and you could get places online where the email had previously been used. These can include forums, directories and listings. You can then go ahead and visit those sites to see if you can get more information.

A simple Google search with the email address of interest could generate a couple of leads worth following. If you are lucky to get a name from your Google search you dig deeper for more detailed results.

You can then check the name on Google to see if there are other information like social media accounts connected to that name.

One challenge with this method is there is no guarantee that the name is a real one and you may end up going on a wild goose chase.

Social Media Reverse Email Lookup – Free Method

Here is a way to do a free reverse email lookup by Social Media.

If your search has generated a name from the method above, you can take the name to popular social media sites to check for more information.

As stated above doing a search with the name on search engines like Google and Bing can generate results that reveals social media accounts connected to the email.

You can then check the social media accounts one by one to see if you can get detailed information.

You can also type the email address into the search bar of social media sites like Facebook to see if you can get results. The problem with this method is you can only see good results if the person had previously set profile information including email address as PUBLIC. If the person chose the PRIVATE option, Facebook can’t reveal details related to the account.

Popular social media sites value privacy of their users so this approach may not get you desired results.

Free Reverse Lookup Sites

Some lookup sites claim to offer free email reverse look ups but most of them do not offer reliable services and some even have hidden charges that they don’t make known to you at first.

Professional People Search/ Reverse Lookup Sites

Professional People Search sites usually offer reverse lookup services based on name, email, phone number and record searches. These sites usually have access to huge databases and public directories that can simplify any lookup. The problem is they usually charge a fee to do any reverse lookup.

With these sites however you are guaranteed of faster and better results than any of the free methods stated above.

But there is a way to use their services for free or for a minimal fee.

Most of the People Search or Reverse Lookup sites usually have trial periods. The trial period either offers a free search or a subscription for the trial period that is minimal. Some go as far as offering $1 trial plans.

To save yourself the hassles of using search engines and social media sites and still getting unreliable results, it is advisable you give the trial plans of one of these sites a shot.

Detailed Results

If you decide to give the People Search or Reverse Lookup approach a shot you will get results that is not just limited to the name or social media handle of the person of interest.

These websites usually provide detailed results that includes name, phone number, address, social media accounts, dating profiles, marital records and more. They even offer the opportunity of detailed background checks to check criminal records, employment records and more.

Though People Search websites do not conduct detailed email reverse lookup for free, they allow you to conduct a free search to see if they have information associated with your email of interest before you make any payment.


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