Reverse IP Lookup's Reverse IP lookup is built to pinpoint hostname records for an IP address faster. Our tool opens the door for greater details about all the various websites and domains hosted on an IP. A beneficial tool to find those who may be attacking your server or network, or let it help you with due diligence when fending off phishing attempts. Users can perform a fast reverse IP address lookup to check a host in the search box below.

Benefits To Reversing An IP Address

So what are the benefits of performing a reverse IP Address lookup more specifically? An IP lookup in reverse is generally performed by an internet researcher or domain administrator who wishes to see how many websites are being supported on a shared hosting server. The reverse IP lookup, once initiated, will then display all domains or websites listed as being hosted by the IP Address you are researching. Other benefits include attack response, data collection, and network testing.

Attack Response and Network Intelligence Collection

Reversing an IP address has it grounds in responding to a network security matter, identifying botnets, and assists with tracking down problem causing Internet IPs. By identifying hostnames associated with an incoming attack from a particular IP address, the findings presented from our tool can help system admins with their investigation through network intelligence data collection.

Deep Penetration Testing

Our Reverse IP lookup tool is beneficial to penetration testers when it performs a reverse check by searching an IP address database. A display of the results on a map with geo-location and information like the Organization, Internet Service Provider, and City or Country are shown when available. This move alone can help admins find the source of an attacking host.

Penetration testing comes in handy as a proactive way to begin defending a network. When a host is being attacked, one of the first moves an administrator will make is to identify the attack location of the incoming host IP. Penetration testers can identify spots that are weak and where vulnerabilities might be in a network before an attack occurs, such testers often use reverse IP lookups to complete their work.

By identifying hostnames that are related to a target, deep penetration testing can help collect data from DNS records and where new target hosts are located. There are multiple reasons to find out the names of the websites that are being supported by a shared hosting server, this technique can help you in unraveling almost any mystery. An IP lookup can also help you unearth the intricate details of an IP address.

What's Special About's Reverse IP lookup? is the one-stop destination for Internet researchers, system administrators, and web experts. Simply enter any domain, hostname or IP address, and before you know it, all the domains hosted by a specific IP address will be listed on your screen. By keeping our tool simple you can find the information you are searching for faster.

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