Blacklist Check offers an IP address blacklist check tool to test if a IP or email server is blacklisted on the spam reporting databases. When your IP address is blacklisted the chance is higher that you will no longer be able to post on forums and send emails from it. It could even affect your personal services like banking or Facebook.

To check if your IP address or email server is blacklisted, enter the IP address you want to search in the box below. Then click the "Blacklist Check" button to see the results.

Why use a Blacklist Check to lookup an IP address?

The spam checker databases are DNS reporting. Domain Name System is what DNS stands for and is what the majority of Internet service providers like your cable or phone company use to route their Internet tables. These ISP’s and other users can report an offending IP address to the spam database registries. With multiple reports or by accident, your IP address could be listed as a blacklist candidate.

Look closely as the results for the exclamation symbol. If you see this symbol next to a database result it means the IP address you searched is listed as spam with that service and you will want to contact them directly for more information and ways to remove the flag.

If you are truly involved in spamming or other issues on the Internet that are reported to the databases it may be harder to have your flag removed. Check your IP address often here on to confirm your IP is not blacklisted anymore.

If you think you have been blacklisted unfairly or by accident, use the following information to contact several of the leading Spam databases below. You will need to file a report and request that your IP address be removed from each of these blacklists. Smaller Spam databases will typically follow with removal once the larger database managers have removed the IP in question.

Spamhaus Block List

File a Spamhaus IP Address Removal Request

Composite Blocking List

File a Composite Blocking List IP Address Removal Request


File a Spamcop Blocking List IP Address Removal Request


File a Barracuda Blocking List IP Address Removal Request


File a Invaluement Blocking List IP Address Removal Request