The Domain WHOIS lookup is used for domains or an IP address and is also known as an owner registrant search by a domain registrar. This function does exactly what it sounds like it does, and pulls the registration details for a domain name or IP that is captured from registries supported by ICANN.

The term "WHOIS" is often presented as all capital letters because it represents a technical command. When you separate the term "WHOIS" into the words that make it up, it might be easier to understand for you. Take the "WHO" and "IS" and put it in a question like "Who is that?", then you know what this WHOIS lookup tool from IPAddress.com is used for. Our tool for searching the WHOIS database is designed to tell you who the owner is behind a certain domain or IP address and where they may be originating from.

Sometimes a full report is not available for all domains or IP addresses due to bad registrar recording, lack of registrant entry, or privacy protection features provided by the registrar or a third party service. Most reports do not encounter this and are available when running our tool. ICANN is aware of privacy hiding services and have protocols in place to manage the owner's for privacy protected domain names.

The WHOIS lookup tool is one of the web's first tools for looking up who is behind a certain domain name or IP address. It is offered by many domain registrars like GoDaddy, Namecheap, and Network Solutions. WHOIS tools are great when you are looking for the contact information on a particular domain owner or webmaster.

One example is to see the registered owner of your IP address, which is often your ISP.

View your ISP and IP information by clicking the following link: What Is My IP Address

While there are owner display variants from registrars, the mostly commonly supplied information in a search includes the name, address, business information, and phone number of the domain name or IP address registrant for owners outside of GDPR zones. Registrations for owners that are residents in GDPR zones may have limited public information displayed.

Using our free domain WHOIS lookup tool here on IPAddress.com will provide you an accurate return on these details you are looking for in your search.