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Hide IP - Why You Should Hide Your IP Address

Why should you hide your IP Address ? The answer is simple. An IP address is an unique and individualized number that corresponds directly to your computer or internet device, so if you don't hide your IP address, anyone - including hackers - can easily find personal information about you with a few clicks of their mouse. You are not anonymous as you surf the web, even though it may feel that way. Everything you do online is connected to your IP address.

The Dangers of Exposing Your IP Address on the Internet

The Internet Protocol address, better known as IP address, is the unique identification number of each device on the Internet. Every person who uses the Internet for whatever reason has an IP address, which is used by websites to track visitors. An IP address will tell the owners or administrators of a website where their site visitors are coming from and which pages they frequented. This is important particularly for sites that are selling products and services. Forums and message boards also look into a user's IP address to prevent spammers from gaining access. However, what some people do not know is that this information could put them in grave danger, especially when exposed to hackers lurking on the web.

How Online Hackers Find Their Victim

Hackers have become quite skilled at what they do. Initially, they will get hold of a person's IP address, and then through this unique identifiable information, the hacker can find out details about this user and can steal personal information and use it for their own benefit. On top of that, hackers can even plant Trojans and DoS (Denial of Service) viruses into the unsuspecting victim's computer. Usually, their modus operandi involves chat applications like MSN where they will paste a website address. When someone clicks the link, his or her IP address will be automatically logged. While that is one of the most common methods for a hacker to discover your IP address, there are other ways that hackers can obtain this information, such as through emails and visiting attack sites.

What You Can Do to Protect Yourself

It is almost impossible to completely cripple the operations of hackers because there are just too many to stop. However, that doesn't mean that there aren't ways to protect yourself. The use of a software program that can hide your IP address is the single most effective way to prevent hackers from accessing your information. A hide IP software can mask your real IP address and replace it with a proxy, thereby keeping you anonymous online.

Who Can You Trust?

There are many websites that claim to be able to hide your IP address. Some of them will let your use their service free of charge, while some require a fee. However, the catch with free providers is that you can HARDLY trust them. Issues like downtime and even safety can be a problem. Yes, they can plant ad wares, spy wares, and viruses into the user's computer. While you might not be able to trust most websites, the hide IP software available at hideyouripaddress.net is highly recommended. Created by the owners of IPAddress.com, it is guaranteed to be 100% safe and clean. This award-winning software that will automatically mask your IP address using all available proxy servers. There is a fee for this service, however, what you should remember is that this software will allow you to surf the Internet anonymously and safely, anytime - and anywhere. When it comes to your own protection online, it is always a good idea to trust only the experts and providers of genuine IP hide software.

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