Find Name From Email Address - How To Find A Person's Name And Other Details With Just An Email Address

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If you need to find a name from an email address and other personal details, then you are on the right track! Keep reading…

Except an email reveals a person’s name it may seem difficult to find a person’s name from an email address. The problem is even email addresses like [email protected] that seem to reveal a person’s actual name may have been registered with a fake name with intent to deceive.

How To Find A Person's Name By Email Address

To find the real name and personal details behind an email address you will need to conduct a reverse email lookup.

This is very simple, and does not require a special skill.

Sign up or subscribe (if you are using a paid lookup service), go to the dedicated search page, then enter the email address of the unknown sender.

Most lookup tools will give you different options, including the ability to find name from email, phone lookup, address lookup, and email search. Every site is designed in a unique way, but in most cases, there is always a search bar in the shape of most search engines like Google and Bing.

Enter the sender’s email address in the search bar, hit the “search” button and wait for your report. The process may take a couple of minutes considering the fact that data is sourced from public directories, social media networks like, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, X, Instagram, TikTok, Threads, and many more.

How Reliable Are These Reports?

That is a very good question to ask because you want to be sure you are not getting inaccurate information, which could be embarrassing and a waste of time.

The answer is dependent on the kind of service you subscribe to. Usually, there are two types of email reverse search services; free and paid.

Free Search

These offer their services for “free,” but accuracy of results is not guaranteed.

You could actually use search engines, social media networks, etc for a free lookup by checking to see if you can get details associated with an email address. The challenge is that their reports are rarely accurate and of course, could end up being a waste of time.

Paid Email Address Reverse Search

These offer professional services, and have access to a wider database including public records, social media platforms, dating sites, photos & videos, geographical locations, telephone numbers, and more.

The paid ones are not only reliable, but also protect your privacy. While the choice of what service to use is up to you, it is strongly recommended to use a paid search service to get detailed and accurate results.

Below are some of the information that may be included in your report:

Full Details

It would amaze you how much data is included in the final report a reverse email lookup service can provide. The report could include personal details, previous and present employment status, date of birth, first and last name, education records, skills, and more.

Marital & Divorce Records

The marital status, including divorce records of an unknown sender, and current relationship status can be a part of the final report from a reverse search. A report that includes a sender’s marital status could be very useful if you want to go out on a date with the sender.

Social Footprints

Most people have at one time or the other signed up with one of the social media platforms in the last couple of years. If you want to find name with email address, then you should also expect to get the unknown sender’s aliases and other details from Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and X.

Contact Information

You are already aware that you can find full name from email address; a further search may also reveal the sender’s physical location, phone numbers, and secondary emails (if available).

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