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Whether it's for personal or business use, finding out who owns an email address is very important for security purposes.

Reverse email lookup is one of the best tools a business could use to protect itself from different types of scams and frauds. It is also extremely useful for individual use since it can help in tracing the sender of the email especially when the email contains something threatening or dangerous to the recipient.

Tracing An Email For Protection

Tracking an email for security purposes is a relatively challenging process but can be done with the right tool. If you want to find someone with email, there are websites that offer this type of service and they usually ask for a minimal fee to complete the process. You don’t have to pay to look up someone by email, free services however offer limited results.

There’s always the question of receiving an email from an unknown source and created specifically for bad intentions. Fortunately, creating an email account is no longer as easy as it used to be because free email accounts will require some form of confirmation through another email address or a mobile phone number. A good search tool can trace these relevant information and expand the search for a more accurate result.

The method in search for a name behind the email address comes from OSINT Framework. It is a widely used framework for security purposes as it actively works to analyze and dissect information. The collection of tools used in this framework can be actually used by anyone but the skill required to ensure accuracy and better results is quite high. If you just want to find out who owns an email address that sounds threatening, learning the framework might not be worth it.

Email Tracing For Businesses

Tracking the person behind an email address is also very important for businesses. This important form of communication can be used for malicious purposes as it could come from links that lead to viruses or spyware. Without a protection in place, a company email could be vulnerable to different types of attacks especially through email.

On the other hand, email tracking could also be used by businesses to ensure smoother transactions with their customers. Here’s a very simple example, an online company will usually receive different types of inquiries about their service and/or product. The right type of email tracer can actually identify if the message came from a reliable source. It can be used to alert the recipient if it's a suspicious email.

An email tracking tool built into the company website could also be used to prevent unnecessary emails from coming in. A simple API that any web administrator could include into the website should be more than enough in preventing unverified email messages from coming in. This feature is extremely useful for businesses who often get inquiries and transactions through email.

Find Out Who Owns An Email Address - Free vs. Paid Email Lookup Services

Free email reverse search exists and could be useful in a way. However, they could be very limited in their results. A free service also limits its search capabilities because it does not have the resources to expand their search.

On the other hand, a professional email tracing service will go beyond the basic data to help you find out who own an email address. Using the best and latest tools to trace an email address, the sender behind the account can be identified easily.

Professional services could even move beyond identifying the individual because there are email tracing websites that also offer background checks. This means a company can trace the sender, location as well as possible criminal background to confirm if there’s any suspicious intention behind the email. The fees from these sites may be minimal but the protection they offer could be lifesaving.

Finding A Person By Email - What Kind Of Result Should You Expect From Just An Email Address?

Using a professional lookup tool, usual results include name, address, phone numbers, other email addresses, dating profile, social media accounts and much more.


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