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Email Address Reverse Lookup Explained

An email address reverse lookup is the act of looking up an email address to reveal details of the owner.

There are online services or tools that allow you to get information about a person from their email address. The information may include, but is not limited to, first and last names, other related email addresses, social media accounts and profiles, physical contact addresses, marital status, telephone numbers, employment and career status, and more.

The quality of the information you receive is determined or affected by the kind of tool or service you use—free or paid.

How to Look Someone Up By Email For Free

So, you want to run a free lookup? That is fine, because you might just be lucky to get the information you want. Here are just a few places you can run an email lookup without a fee:

Search Engines

Search engines are always a good option when you are looking for anything online.

Type in the email address in the search bar of popular search engines and you may be lucky to get websites or forums where the email had been previously used. You can then check out those links to see if you can get more information.

The problem is there is no guarantee you will get accurate results. You could spend a long time checking out different sites from the search engine results and still not get the result you need.

Social Media & Directories

You could use social media and directories to conduct a free search. Who knows? You could be lucky enough to find the details you are looking for.

Free Reverse Email Lookup Sites

Some sites actually claim to offer reverse lookups for free. You can give such sites a shot to see if you can get the needed information.

There are a couple of challenges you might experience with such sites. The result provided may not be reliable because they don’t have the huge database that paid professional people search sites have. Some of them also have hidden charges and you may discover they are not as free as advertised.

Paid Email Address Reverse Lookup

If you really want to go in-depth with your search, especially if you have very limited time and the stakes are very high, then you might need a paid tool.

We do have quite a number of them online these days, but the good thing is, you will be getting good value for money.

No, you won’t just get the names, telephone numbers, and basic details of the sender; you can get a report that includes criminal records, marital records, date of birth, professional emails, employment status, sexual offender records, and even more.

You can refine your search to different parameters, including the ability to look up dating profiles by email, track by phone number, first and last name, and more.

Using A Reliable Reverse Lookup Or People Search Site

While there are many lookup sites online finding a reliable one that won’t turn out to be a time waster can be a pain at times.

Make sure you go with one that offers a trial plan so you can try out their services for a minimal fee before paying a full subscription fee.

I know you prefer to look up someone by email for free but the free options may end being a waste of time and resources.

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