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One of the most effective methods in learning more about an individual is through their social media accounts. Their hobbies, interests or personal feelings about subjects and topics are more often than not laid out in these websites.

Fortunately there is a way to find these accounts with just the use of an email. You even have a choice in how to search social media accounts by email - free or the paid option. Both offer some type of advantage but if you really want to find accounts by email, you need to use the professional search option for better results.

Reverse Email Lookup

Finding accounts based on an email address is the process called reverse email lookup. It is a relatively simple but highly effective method in learning more about the individual for business or personal reasons. Websites are dedicated to this type of service and they often provide instantaneous results with reliable results.

This type of service is taking advantage of the many, many search tools, access to a large number of databases with the ability to comb through the data and find exact matches from the request. Businesses of any size use this type of service to learn more about their current and potential employees. Private individuals even use this online tool for various purposes. For example, a person can use this to find dating profiles by email if they want to make sure their partners are not cheating or an individual can use this to learn more about their roommate to ensure they are not in any possible danger.

Free Reverse Search Option

Learning more about an individual through reverse email search doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, you could even do a free social media email search with the right website. Those who are just interested in basic search for possible social media matches based on email can use this type of option.

There’s always the idea of searching for a matching social media profile directly on the social media search bar. For example, simply encode an email address to Facebook’s search bar and hope that a match will pop-up. It is possible that something will pop-up but only when someone purposely posts the email address online. Social media websites do not allow search users by email.

Free option offers very limited results and doing it yourself is tedious and time consuming without the guaranteed result. Imagine being a small business trying to evaluate multiple candidates - you have to search for their accounts individually on each social media website. That process will take hours just for one candidate.

A Better Option For A Minimal Fee

When you try to search social media accounts by email, free options maybe too tempting not to use because it doesn’t cost anything. But aside from the limited results, the time and effort used to get free information may not be worth it especially when time is of the essence. Businesses have to act as soon as possible when hiring an individual and personal use of reverse email search often requires immediate result for security purposes.

When using paid services for reverse email search for social media accounts, the results are not just yield a name that match the email username. More often than not, the search result will also provide related results that could provide additional information about the email account.

The beauty of reverse email search is the fact that it’s not just limited on social media accounts. This type of search can also be used to find additional personal information such as previous addresses, contact information and even criminal records. Using a paid search is practically an extensive background check with instant results. With a minimal fee, social media accounts and more related to the email address can be easily obtained.


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