What is an Email Header?

An email header is an important piece of information in an email. Without the header, the message cannot be sent or received online as it contains a very important piece of information - the IP (Internet Protocol) address. An IP Address in an email header represents the physical location of the sender. As the message is being sent online; the system will also try to detect the IP Address of the recipient to determine if the receiver is capable or authorized to receive the online message.

Whether you like it or not, your IP Address will always be added in your email. Your email provider will require this for two reasons: security and advertising. They will need your IP Address because they need this information in case you abuse your online account. They will also need your IP Address so that they can convey the right advertisements based on your location. This fact is also true for the email recipient. This is the reason why the receiver's IP Address is also sought out by the system before delivering the message.

You can use this piece of information to your advantage. Many people are using the IP Address in the email header to fend off scams or identify those who sent derogatory or threatening messages. In case you receive spam messages, you can use their IP Address so that you can formally file a complaint against these companies. Remember that sending unsolicited emails is illegal.

While an IP Address in the email header is always part of an email, finding the email header could be challenging. Fortunately, our email tracer can instantly find that piece of information. The system will find the IP Address in the email header and use that information to determine the sender's address. With just a few clicks, you'll immediately learn the sender's physical location. Trace a email header here with our tool.

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