Changing Your IP Address in 2023 – How To Do It Easily

Protection and privacy online is a must for everyone using the internet in 2023. Without these, users are vulnerable to attacks and exploitation that could be stressful and costly. Learning more about changing one’s IP address is a good start in preventing different types of attacks. Thanks to technology, hiding or changing one’s IP address legally has become relatively easy.

Internet Protocol or IP address is a form of ID that helps in identifying and locating a device. Each device connected to a network can be identified individually with this information. When connected to the internet, an IP address can home-in on the device and its location. This type of information can be used and exploited not only in tracking user’s location and even stealing personal information and more.

How To Change Your IP Address

The requirement of an IP address when connected to the internet does not mean everyone has to be a sitting duck waiting for an attack. There are various ways online users can change their IP addresses to prevent such attacks.

  • Manual IP Address Change
  • Router Reset
  • Using a Proxy Server
  • Using a VPN

Manually Changing an IP Address

Manually changing an IP address on a computer is relatively simple. Simply look for "Network & Internet" under "Settings" and click on the local connection. Look for this type of window to replace the IP address:

Simply enter the following information to replace your IP address:

Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) Properties Dialog
  • IP Address
  • Subnet Mask
  • Default Gateway

For MAC, the process is also the same with the same information needed to completely replace your IP address.

For mobile devices, go to your Wi-Fi settings and click on your current wireless network. Select the options for your wireless network and search for IP Settings. Select "Static" so you could manually add your IP address.

A word of warning for those considering this type of protection: make sure you are familiar with network connectivity before making any changes on this setting. IP conflict with other devices or lost internet connection is a possibility if the incorrect information is used.

Resetting the Router

A simpler method in replacing your IP address is to reset the router. This can be done by manually resetting the router, usually with a literal pin to force a device reset. This method will force the router to manually reset the IP addresses to each device connected to the network.

This sounds simple enough but the disadvantage is the need to set up the network’s security every time a router reset is made. It becomes complicated when there are wireless printers and other smart devices connected to the network.

Using a Proxy Server

A proxy server, by definition, is a gateway that a user goes through when connecting to the network and internet. Instead of directly connecting to a specific website, the proxy server will connect to the specific website on behalf of the user. This process shields the user’s IP address because the proxy server becomes the "middle person" for connecting online. It’s also fairly easy to implement: simply install a good, reliable proxy server and open the application to make it run through the network.

At first glance, a proxy server might be enough for IP address masking. However, it usually does not provide additional protection such as connection encryption. The vulnerabilities are reduced but it’s still there.

Using a Reliable VPN

Using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a better security option compared to proxy servers because of its advanced features. A VPN will encrypt and shield the users IP address by giving out a different IP address from another country or even continent. It’s a powerful application that does more than just simple protection.

Aside from protection, many users of VPN take advantage of its server location feature in order to access websites normally blocked from their country. It’s also an ideal protection from ISPs as it could prevent the ISPs from learning the users’ browsing history.

While using a VPN sounds like an ideal option, it’s a resource heavy option. This is an ideal solution for those with a fast internet connection because VPNs often slow down data transfer.

Choose Wisely and Carefully

These are the options in changing and protecting a device’s IP address. You either go with the free options that require a little bit more research to properly implement or the paid options that ease security with additional features.

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