Using a Dedicated IP Address on Android Devices

Got an Android device? Using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is highly recommended if you are interested in maintaining their privacy and security.

With the right VPN, an Android device does not have to worry about outside monitoring of online activities such as ISPs (Internet Service Providers). The advent of various VPN applications also ensure anonymity and security is achieved with just a few clicks.

But to push security to the next level, an Android device with a VPN activated could also opt to have a dedicated IP address. The benefits of using a VPN dedicated IP address is more than just a basic level of security.

Complete Privacy for Mobile Device with Speed

Using a VPN on a computer or a stationary device has its advantage because it encrypts the user's connection including its location. But location masking on a stationary device is relatively simple and could be done with the right tools.

On the other hand, blocking location tracking is very useful on mobile Android devices simply because a device is always on the go - increasing the need for location masking. With a dedicated IP address from a VPN, a user can select a specific location as its mask while enjoying private internet access.

As users' select a dedicated IP address from a VPN service, additional advantages are also achieved. Among them is the prevention of being blacklisted from a website, app or online services. Out of the box, VPN accounts share an IP address and a single bad user could get everyone blacklisted. On the other hand, a dedicated IP address means the user will not be blacklisted based on the activities of another user simply because there are none.

Internet Speed and Geo-Based Restrictions

A dedicated IP address from a VPN provider is also an ideal solution for mobile gamers. A shared IP address may retain the user's internet speed but when there's massive access to a shared IP address, internet speed may significantly drop. This problem can be easily addressed with a dedicated IP address. Gaming, especially online games require an adequate internet speed and this type of VPN setup is ideal for gamers who also want to observe online security.

Maintaining fast internet despite the use of a VPN should be complemented by a stable connection. With the help of a dedicated IP address, HD streaming and higher is possible.

There's also the possibility of going around the geo-restrictions set by websites and online services. Games and some videos are geo-restricted so that they need to be accessed on another location. VPN users can simply select a location of their choice from the list of servers.

Businesses can also reap the benefits of a dedicated IP address for security reasons. Business VPNs are usually deployed to ensure that only registered individuals can access sensitive files. This is highly ideal for those who work at home or even within the company so it could prevent any type of unauthorized access without security clearance.

Deploying a dedicated IP address on a VPN offers an additional layer of security without sacrificing network or internet speed. A properly set up VPN with dedicated IP address should give more than just an advanced level of security. From gaming, to business and streaming services, using a dedicated IP address will definitely come in handy.

This type of service is often offered by VPN services as an add-on to their current subscription. It is a sound investment for those who want to protect their online presence while enjoying the same internet speed. A mobile device also enjoys added security because it can mask its actual location even on the go.

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