Resolve A IP Address Conflict

When you see a error message that there is a IP address conflict on your network it is time to get to work and find out the reason. receives many internal IP searches for people at home or work that are trying to find IP address details because they are in conflict with another device on their network.

The problem is that your device and someone else using a computer, tablet, or smartphone on the local network have been assigned the same IP address.

A device can include anything that requires an IP address! Think hard about this as the Internet of Things grows to included even refrigerators needing an IP to connect to the Internet.

Common devices to start searching for are computers like desktops and laptops of course, but also expand to newer technology like your iPhone or Android smartphone. Tablets, printers, and routers all require an IP too.

Maybe you have added a Nest thermostat recently to your home? Did you know that it has to have a unique IP address also? Yes!

Now that you know you have a IP address conflict you can take the following steps to resolve it on the network you are using.

The easy step to take is to reboot your device. That’s right, go ahead and reboot your computer or whatever it is that you are using which received the conflict. This small step will resolve most IP address conflict error messages and have you back up and running.

Bookmark this article, reboot, and then come back and start reading again if the easy step did not resolve your IP conflict.

Pick up here with the medium step if the reboot did not work.

The medium step is to reboot your router. If you are at home this might be a simple task to do. If you are at work you should contact your IT support department before rebooting a router.

Unplug the power to the router and wait 30 seconds to plug the power back in. Give it about 5 minutes and try your device again. Do you still have a IP address conflict or has the problem been resolved?

If this medium step resolved your error, then great! If it did not then it is time to try the harder and final step. Are you ready?

The harder step to resolve a IP address conflict and troubleshoot the problem is to turn off all devices in your home or local network. This could be a problem itself if you are at work. It is better to let your IT support department handle anything like this at work.

At home it will take some time to turn off all computers, tablets, and other devices floating around.

After all devices are off, including your router and ISP modem, slowly start turning everything back on. Start with your ISP modem, then your router, and then the device you are using which received the original IP address conflict error.

There is a very good chance these steps will resolve your conflict and assign a unique IP address back to your device so that you may go about enjoying your day with no IP address conflict again!

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