Parking Simplified - What You Need To Know About - June 2022

Getting a vehicle is one of the most important decisions for any adult. With a vehicle you can practically go anywhere alone, with a friend or with a family. A vehicle allows you to get to places the soonest time possible while bringing as many things as possible. This is especially true for families because parents have to go places with their children and bring with them all the necessary items possible. A vehicle could be a little bit expensive but it's a worthy investment because of the convenience it offers. Preview

Of course owning a vehicle could come with some drawbacks especially when you live in a popular city. It's true that you can get as many people as you can fit into the vehicle to different places in the city but once you get there you are faced with another challenge: parking. If you live in the city, parking is always a challenge especially in popular locations such as malls.

Imagine this: you and your friends decided to go shopping. You take your car with your friends and drop them off to shop so you go look for a parking space. But since it's a shopping place, it's always crowded and you end up circling around waiting for someone to pull out.


Fortunately there is a very smart solution for those who want to shop and enjoy parking for free. Called "park to shop" its concept is simple: your parking is validated by the shop and the free number of hours depend on how much you have spent on the shop. The more you shop, the more free parking hours are given. Instead of worrying about parking fees, the shop will actually offer you the opportunity to enjoy free parking while shopping.

The beauty of Park to Shop is the fact that it has taken full advantage of technology because shoppers can actually visit to validate their parking. The online validation is given an option to shoppers - instead of validating their parking through the local machine, they can actually take advantage of the website and just validate their parking online.

The process of validating online is actually really easy and this is one of the popular Park to Shop Reviews since car owners don't have to go through the difficult process of getting their park validated.

The process of getting your park validated online is actually really easy. Visit and enter your 11-digit code. The website will immediately take you to the next page where you select the mall and the location. After selecting the mall and location, the website will then check your 11-digit code for validation. If the code is correct, then your parking has been validated otherwise you need to double check the code or fill out the help form on their website.

Validation, whether online or through a machine should be done within the day. The 11-digit code should be validated on the same day until midnight. Past midnight, the code is no longer valid which means your parking should be charged.

Email Address

Generally, parking validation on a machine is straightforward. You only need to validate your voucher to a machine and get it done in an instant. However, when you validate your voucher online, there is a part where you will be asked for your email address. You may not be particularly fond of giving out your email address for privacy reasons. However, Park to Shop does not record your email address. It will only ask for your email address if you want to receive a receipt of the parking validation. This part is actually optional so you can get your parking validated without receiving any online receipt in your email.

Simplified Parking Validation for All

Park to Shop online is one of the best ways to validate your parking because you can easily do it online. As long as it's validated within the day, parking will be free as the shop offers this type of promotion to their customers. This entices the customers to shop more so while the customers get the full advantage of enjoying parking since it will be eventually limited to those who wanted to shop.

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