Private IP Address belongs to the private IP address space - ( ).

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A private IP address is, in contrast to a public IP address, not allocated to a specific organization, but can be used by anyone without approval from a regional Internet registry. Private IP addresses can only be reached within a closed network and are not directly accessible from the outer Internet. On the one side this is considered a security enhancement because an external Internet host cannot directly communicate with an internal host. On the other side this works again IPv4 address depletion as many companies and individuals only need a single public IP address from their ISP, and still can access the Internet with more than one computer, smartphone, or other Internet connected devices simultaneously. To find out what external IP address your router is using please go to the My IP page.

IANA has allocated the subnet for private use in February 1996 as noted in RFC 1918. It's a single class A network with a prefix length of 8 bits and spans 16,777,216 ( 224 ) IP addresses ranging from to However it is not uncommon to use only a part of the available address space for a private network, for example the smaller subnet with 256 hosts. If you want to learn more about IP subnetting we encourage you to take a look at our subnet calculator.

The address is sometimes misspelled, and you might see typical typing errors like these: 10.0.0.I, 10.0.0.l, 10.0.o.1, 10.0.o.I, 10.0.o.l, 10.o.0.1, 10.o.0.I, 10.o.0.l, 10.o.o.1, 10.o.o.I, 10.o.o.l

Network routers usually offer a configuration interface that is accessible via web browser on a URL like or or through a router specific host name alias. Below you will find a list of routers that use as the default IP address get access to its configuration interface.

List of Routers with default IP address

Router ModelDefault UsernameDefault Password
adtran NetVanta 150adminpassword
Aethra FS4104-AW
ASUS CM-AX6000adminpassword
ASUS Dual-Band Wireless-N600 Range Extender RP-N53nana
ASUS IEEE 802.11n USB - Wi-Fi Adapternana
ASUS OnHub Wireless-AC Router with NAT Firewall SRT-AC1900asusdefault
ASUS RT-N16 802.11b/g/n Gigabit Wireless Router up to 300Mbps DD-WRT Open Source support with USB Storageasusasusadmin
Buffalo Technology AirStation AC433 802.11ac Wireless Travel Router WMR433BKadministratorbuffalo
Buffalo Technology AirStation N300 Open Source DD-WRT 802.11n Wireless Router WHR300HP2Dadministratorbuffalo
CenturyLink C1000A ADSL/VDSL Modem and Wireless-N Router with 4-Port Ethernet Switchadministratorblank
Cisco 1921ciscocisco
Cisco 1941ciscocisco
Cisco 1941Wciscocisco
Cisco 2901ciscocisco
Cisco 2921ciscocisco
Cisco 2951ciscocisco
Cisco 861ciscocisco
Cisco 867ciscocisco
Cisco 876ciscocisco
Cisco 877ciscocisco
Cisco 878ciscocisco
Cisco 880ciscocisco
Cisco 886ciscocisco
Cisco 886VAciscocisco
Cisco 887Vciscocisco
Cisco 887VAciscocisco
Cisco 891ciscocisco
Cisco 892ciscocisco
Cisco Aironet 1200rootCisco
Conceptronic C54APMadminadmin
Dell 884116138785 24 portsdelldefault
Edimax Dual-band Wireless Bridge, Wireless Speaker Adapter for AirPlay Music Streaming CV-7438nDMnana
EnGenius 4-Port Wireless-N Media Bridge and Range Extender Xtra Long-range ERB300Hnana
Linksys Dual-Band N600 4 Port Wireless-N Entertainment Bridge WES610N-CAnana
Linksys Wi-Fi Wireless AC1300 5GHz Universal Media Connector Bridge Adapter 802.11ac with 4-Port Swi WUMC710nana
Linksys WRT1900AC Wireless AC Dual Band Router AC1900, Open Source ready, eSATA/ USB 3.0 Portscicscoadmin
Motorola Single-Port Ethernet ADSL2+ Modem - Blackadminpassword
Motorola SURFboard DOCSIS 3.0 High-Speed Cable Modemadminblank
Netgear EX6150-100NAS AC1200 Dual-Band Gigabit Wi-Fi Range ExtenderN/AN/A
Netgear Powerline 1200 Gigabit Ethernet Adapters PL1200-100PASnana
Pace 4111N Home Portal 802.11n Routerpaceadministrator
REPOTEC RP-WA6048adminadmin
REPOTEC RP-WAC1404adminadmin
Siemens Speedstream 5660ENI-RouterENI-Router
Toplink C & C Corporation WLG-108AAPadminpassword
TP-Link 300Mbps Universal Wi-Fi Range Extender. Wi-Fi Booster TL-WA850REnana
Zyxel ES1100-8HP-240W 1100 Seriesdefaultdefault
Zyxel GS1910-24 Smart Gigabit Smart Managed Switchdefaultdefault
Zyxel GS1910-48 10/100/1000Mbps 48-Portdefaultdefault
Zyxel NWA5121-NI Single Radio N300 Ceiling Mount Gigabit Access Point with PoE, Plenum Ratedadminna

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