What Is My IP:

Private IP Address belongs to the private IP address space - ( ).

A private IP address is, in contrast to a public IP address, not allocated to a specific organization, but can be used by anyone without approval from a regional Internet registry. Private IP addresses can only be reached within a closed network and are not directly accessible from the outer Internet. On the one side this is considered a security enhancement because an external Internet host cannot directly communicate with an internal host. On the other side this works again IPv4 address depletion as many companies and individuals only need a single public IP address from their ISP, and still can access the Internet with more than one computer, smartphone, or other Internet connected devices simultaneously. To find out what external IP address your router is using please go to the My IP page.

IANA has allocated the subnet for private use in February 1996 as noted in RFC 1918. It's a series of 256 contiguous class C networks with a prefix length of 8 bits each and spans 65,536 ( 256 * 28 ) IP addresses ranging from to If you want to learn more about IP subnetting we encourage you to take a look at our subnet calculator.

The address is sometimes misspelled, and you might see typical typing errors like these: 192.168.0.I, 192.168.0.l, 192.168.o.1, 192.168.o.I, 192.168.o.l

Network routers usually offer a configuration interface that is accessible via web browser on a URL like or or through a router specific host name alias. Below you will find a list of routers that use as the default IP address get access to its configuration interface.

List of Routers with default IP address

Router ModelDefault UsernameDefault Password
2Wire 2700HG-B
2Wire 2700HG-E
2Wire 2700HG-Vadmin
2Wire 2700HG-V2
2Wire 2701HG-S
2Wire 2701HGV-Eadmin
2Wire 2Wire 2701HG
3COM CoreBuilder 7000/6000/3500/2500n/a(none)
Aceex A2MR/Badmin
Aceex A2MR+/Badminadmin
Aceex NP22/Yadminadmin
Aceex NR11/Yadmin
Aceex NR22/Yadminadmin
Actiontec 500 AV 4-Port Powerline Network Adapter PWR514WB1nana
Actiontec BA214WGadminpassword
Actiontec D-LinkShane Pollakshane123
Actiontec GT701adminpassword
Actiontec GT701Dadminpassword
Actiontec GT701Radminadmin
Actiontec GT701Radminpassword
Actiontec GT701WGadmin
Actiontec GT704WGn/an/a
Actiontec GT724Radminpassword
Actiontec GT724WG TDS Firmwareadminadmin
Actiontec GT724WGRadminpassword
Actiontec M1000adminpassword
Actiontec MI424WRNadminpassword
Actiontec PK5000adminblank
Actiontec Q1000adminadmin
Actiontec Q1000Hadminblank
Actiontec R1000Hadminpassword
Actiontec V1000Hadminblank
Actiontec Wireless Network Adapter WCB3000NK01nana
Allied Telesyn Allied Telesis - Wireless N SOHO Router AT-WR2304N-10userpassword
Allnet ALL0236adminpassword
AMBIT 60740EUWuseruser
Arris SBR-AC3200Padminpassword
Asante FM2008rootroot
ASUS ASUS RT-AC3200 Tri-Band AC3200 Wireless Gigabit Routerasusadmin
AVM FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7390no default, user definedpassword
Axesstel MU430adminadmin
Axesstel MV400adminadmin
Axesstel MV400iadminadmin
Axesstel MV500adminadmin
Best Data DSL582Eadminadmin
Best Data DSL642WLGadminadmin
canyon CN-BR1adminadmin
canyon CNP-WF514N1Aadminadmin
canyon CNP-WF514N3adminadmin
Cisco EPC2425
Cisco EPC3825admin
Cisco EPC3925
Cisco SPA2102
Cisco SPA3102
Conceptronic C150BRS4 v3adminadmin
Conceptronic C150PRO2adminadmin
Conceptronic C300BRS4adminadmin
Conceptronic C300GBRS4adminadmin
Conceptronic C54BRS4Aadminadmin
Cradlepoint CBA250(Last Six Digits of MAC Address)
Cradlepoint CBA750(Last Six Digits of MAC Address)
Cradlepoint COR-IBR350LPE-VZadminlast 6 digits of MAC address
Cradlepoint COR-IBR350P2adminlast 6 digits of MAC address
Cradlepoint CTR350(Last Six Digits of MAC Address)
Cradlepoint CTR500(Last Six Digits of MAC Address)
Cradlepoint MBR1000(Last Six Digits of MAC Address)
Cradlepoint MBR1200(Last Six Digits of MAC Address)
Cradlepoint MBR800(Last Six Digits of MAC Address)
Cradlepoint MBR900(Last Six Digits of MAC Address)
Cradlepoint MBR95Product Label Password
Cradlepoint PHS300(Last Six Digits of MAC Address)
D-Link COVR3902USadminblank
D-Link D-Link DHP-1320admin
D-Link D-Link DIR-651adminblank
D-Link D-Link DIR-815adminblank
D-Link DAP-1562
D-Link DGL-4100
D-Link DGL-4300admin
D-Link DGL-4500admin
D-Link DGL-4500adminblank
D-Link DGL-4500adminblank
D-Link DHP-1320admin
D-Link DI 704Padmin
D-Link DI-504 DI-504cu10090216@citinet125856
D-Link DI-514user(none)
D-Link DI-514admin
D-Link DI-524admin
D-Link DI-524admin
D-Link DI-524UPadminadmin
D-Link DI-604admin
D-Link DI-614+admin
D-Link DI-624admin
D-Link DI-624Sadminadmin
D-Link DI-634Madmin(none)
D-Link DI-704Padmin
D-Link DI-704UPadmin
D-Link DI-707Padmin(none)
D-Link DI-713Padmin
D-Link DI-784admin
D-Link DI-804HV v2.03admin(none)
D-Link DI-808HVadmin
D-Link DI-824VUPadmin
D-Link DI-LB604admin
D-Link DIR-100admin
D-Link DIR-130admin
D-Link DIR-300adminadmin
D-Link DIR-320admin
D-Link DIR-330Admin
D-Link DIR-412admin
D-Link DIR-450admin
D-Link DIR-450-3Gadminadmin
D-Link DIR-4500admin
D-Link DIR-451admin
D-Link DIR-457admin
D-Link DIR-501
D-Link DIR-506Ladminnone
D-Link DIR-515
D-Link DIR-600adminblank
D-Link DIR-601Admin
D-Link DIR-601adminblank
D-Link DIR-605Lciscocisco
D-Link DIR-615admin
D-Link DIR-619Ladminblank
D-Link DIR-625Admin
D-Link DIR-628admin
D-Link DIR-632admin
D-Link DIR-635admin
D-Link DIR-645adminnone
D-Link DIR-651dlinknone
D-Link DIR-655admin
D-Link DIR-655adminblank
D-Link DIR-657Admin
D-Link DIR-657adminblank
D-Link DIR-660admin
D-Link DIR-665n/an/a
D-Link DIR-685Admin
D-Link DIR-813adminnone
D-Link DIR-815Admin
D-Link DIR-817LW/Dadminnone
D-Link DIR-818LWadminnone
D-Link DIR-819admindefault
D-Link DIR-820Ladminnone
D-Link DIR-822-USadminnone
D-Link DIR-825admin
D-Link DIR-826Ldlinknone
D-Link DIR-836Ladminnone
D-Link DIR-842adminnone
D-Link DIR-855Admin
D-Link DIR-855adminblank
D-Link DIR-866Ldlinknone
D-Link DIR-867adminnone
D-Link DIR-867-USadminnone
D-Link DIR-869adminnone
D-Link DIR-878adminnone
D-Link DIR-879adminnone
D-Link DIR-880Ladminnone
D-Link DIR-882adminnone
D-Link DIR-882-USadminnone
D-Link DIR-890Ladminnone
D-Link DIR-890L/Radminnone
D-Link DIR300adminblank
D-Link Dl-524admin
D-Link DSL-300Gadminadmin
D-Link DSL-504Gadminadmin
D-Link DSR-1000ACadminnone
D-Link DSR-150Nadminnone
D-Link DSR-250Nadminnone
D-Link DWL-2700APadmin
D-Link DWL-G710adminblank
D-Link EBR-2310admin
D-Link WBR-1310admin
D-Link WBR-2310admin
Dynamode BR411NTadminadmin
Dynamode BR6004W-G-Nadminadmin
Dynamode R-ADSL411Nadmin
Dynex DX-E401admin
E-Lins H699wadminadmin
Eicon Networks ENWHI-N3 ENWHI-N3adminadmin
Encore Electronics ENHWI-2AN3adminadmin
Encore Electronics ENHWI-2AN34Dadminadmin
Encore Electronics ENHWI-3GN3adminadmin
Encore Electronics ENHWI-N3adminadmin
Encore Electronics ENHWI-N34Dadminadmin
EnGenius Tech ESR-7750adminadmin
EnGenius Tech ESR-9752adminadmin
EnGenius Tech ESR-9753adminadmin
EnGenius Tech ESR-9850adminadmin
EnGenius Tech ETR9330adminadmin
Eusso UGL2430-RTAadminadmin
Huawei HG553adminadmin
iDirect Evolution X3AdminiDirect
Jensen AIR:Link 89300admin1234
Kingston KNR7TXD
Kyocera KR1admin
LevelOne FBR-1100TX
LevelOne FBR-1402TX
LevelOne FBR-1403TX
LevelOne FBR-1430adminpassword
LevelOne FBR-1461adminpassword
LevelOne FBR-1461adminpassword
LevelOne WAP-6002adminpassword
LevelOne WAP-6011adminpassword
LevelOne WBR-3400TX
LevelOne WBR-3406TXn/apassword
LevelOne WBR-3407Aadminpassword
LevelOne WBR-3408adminpassword
LevelOne WBR-3460Aadminpassword
LevelOne WBR-3600adminpassword
LevelOne WBR-3601adminpassword
LevelOne WBR-3601 ADSL2+ Modem Routeradminpassword
LevelOne WBR-3800n/apassword
LevelOne WBR-6000adminpassword
LevelOne WBR-6001n/apassword
LevelOne WBR-6001password
LevelOne WBR-6001n/apassword
LevelOne WBR-6002adminpassword
LevelOne WBR-6003n/apassword
LevelOne WBR-6003n/apassword
LevelOne WBR-6005adminadmin
LevelOne WBR-6005adminpassword
LevelOne WBR-6010adminpassword
LevelOne WBR-6011 (V 1)adminpassword
LevelOne WBR-6020n/apassword
LevelOne WBR-6020n/apassword
LevelOne WBR-6022adminpassword
LevelOne WBR-6022adminpassword
LevelOne WBR-6600Adminpassword
LevelOne WBR-6600adminpassword
LevelOne WBR-6601adminpassword
LevelOne WBR-6800n/apassword
LevelOne WBR-6801n/apassword
LevelOne WSK-3000adminpassword
Leviton 47611-GB4leviton
Leviton 47611-GT4leviton
Linksys SPA-2100adminadmin
Linksys SPA-2102admin
Linksys SPA-2102admin
Linksys SPA-2102admin
Linksys SPA-3102admin
Linksys WCG200admin
Linksys WRTU54G-TMadmin
Micronet SP3368admin
Motorola AP-5131 Wireless Access Pointadminmotorola
Motorola MR1700-10--
Motorola MR1900-10--
Motorola SBG6580adminmotorola
Motorola SBG900adminmotorola
Motorola SVG2500adminmotorola
Motorola SVG2501adminmotorola
Netcomm N150adminadmin
Netcomm N300adminadmin
Netgear CBVG834Gadminpassword
Netgear CBVG834Gadminadmin
Netgear CG814WGadminpassword
Netgear CGD24Gadminpassword
Netgear DG632 V3.3.0a_cxadminpassword
Netgear DG814adminpassword
Netgear DG834adminpassword
Netgear DG834Gadminpassword
Netgear DG834GTadminpassword
Netgear DGN1000adminpassword
Netgear DGN1000adminpassword
Netgear DGN2000adminpassword
Netgear DGN2000adminpassword
Netgear DGN2200 DGN2200adminpassword
Netgear DGN2200Madminpassword
Netgear DGN3500adminpassword
Netgear DGND3300adminpassword
Netgear DM602adminpassword
Netgear FR114Padminpassword
Netgear FR314adminpassword
Netgear FVL328adminpassword
Netgear FVM318adminpassword
Netgear FVS114adminpassword
Netgear FVS318adminpassword
Netgear FWAG114adminpassword
Netgear FWG114Padminpassword
Netgear FWG114Pv2adminadmin
Netgear MBR624GU-100NASadminpassword
Netgear MR-314 3.26adminpassword
Netgear MR814adminpassword
Netgear Netgear DGND3700adminpassword
Netgear NG111v2 NG111v2adminsuperuser
Netgear RO318admin1234
Netgear RP114 3.20-3.26admin1234
Netgear RP614adminpassword
Netgear RP614v2adminpassword
Netgear RP614v3adminpassword
Netgear RT311admin1234
Netgear RT314admin1234
Netgear RT338
Netgear RT338
Netgear V1 DG834GTadminsky
Netgear VG318adminpassword
Netgear WG111v3adminadmin
Netgear WGR614 V4adminpassword
Netgear WGR614 V5adminpassword
Netgear WGR614 V6adminpassword
Netgear WPN824v3adminpassword
ovislink WN-300ARM-VPNadminairlive
Planet ADW-4401adminadmin
Planet GRT-101adminadmin
Planet GRT-401adminadmin
Planet GRT-501adminadmin
Planet planet xrt-402c planet xrt-402cadminadmin
Planet VIP-462DG123
Planet VIP-480FDadmin123
Planet VRT-311admin
Planet VRT-311Sadmin
Planet WNRT-625Gadminadmin
Planet XRT-401Dadmin1234
Ruckus ZoneFlex 2942supersp-admin
Ruckus ZoneFlex 7762supersp-admin
Ruckus ZoneFlex 7962supersp-admin
Scientific Atlanta DPR2320
Scientific Atlanta EPR2325
Senao ESR-7750adminadmin
Senao ESR-9752adminadmin
Senao ESR-9753adminadmin
Shenzhen Etek ETPro 658guestguest
Sitecom DC-202 v6adminadmin
Sitecom DC-210adminadmin
Sitecom DC-227adminadmin
Sitecom WL-118adminadmin
Sitecom WL-160adminadmin
Sitecom WL-174adminadmin
Sitecom WL-175adminadmin
Sitecom WL-176adminadmin
Sitecom WL-306adminadmin
Sitecom WL-308adminadmin
Sitecom WL-309adminadmin
Sitecom WL-312adminadmin
Sitecom WL-322adminadmin
Sitecom WL-326adminadmin
Sitecom WL-328adminadmin
Sitecom WL-340adminadmin
Sitecom WL-341adminadmin
Sitecom WL-342adminadmin
Sitecom WL-346adminadmin
Sitecom WL-346adminadmin
Sitecom WL-347adminadmin
Sitecom WL-347adminadmin
Sitecom WL-348adminadmin
Sitecom WL-348adminadmin
Sitecom WL-350adminadmin
Sitecom WL-351adminadmin
Sitecom WL-354adminadmin
Sitecom WL-354adminadmin
Sitecom WL-357adminadmin
Sitecom WL-359adminadmin
Sitecom WL-359adminadmin
Sitecom WL-363adminadmin
Sitecom WL-366adminadmin
Sitecom WL-541adminadmin
Sitecom WL-582adminadmin
Sitecom WL-583 v1adminadmin
Sitecom WL-586adminadmin
Sitecom WL-588adminadmin
Sitecom WL-591adminadmin
Sitecom WL-606adminadmin
Sitecom WL-607adminadmin
Sitecom WL-607adminadmin
Sitecom WL-610adminadmin
Sitecom WL-611adminadmin
Sitecom WL-612adminadmin
Sitecom WL-613adminadmin
Sitecom WL-614adminadmin
Sitecom WL-615adminadmin
Sitecom WL-615adminadmin
SMC Networks SMC8014W-Gcusadminpassword
SMC Networks SMC8014WG-SIcusadminpassword
SMC Networks SMCD3GN-REScusadminpassword
SMC Networks SMCD3GN-TWCcusadminpassword
Snapgear SG560rootdefault
Sphairon Turbolink JDR454adminpassword
Tenda 0143HBZMWadminadmin
Tenda 3G611Radminadmin
Tenda 3G611R+adminadmin
Tenda 3G622Radminadmin
Tenda 3G622R+adminadmin
Tenda AC18adminadmin
Tenda AC9adminadmin
Tenda C6121-320894360764adminadmin
Tenda C6122-320894360764adminadmin
Tenda F3adminadmin
Tenda F9adminadmin
Tenda N301adminadmin
Tenda R502adminadmin
Tenda TEI402Madminadmin
Tenda TEI6608Sadminadmin
Tenda TWL108Radminadmin
Tenda TWL108R+adminadmin
Tenda W168Radminadmin
Tenda W1800Radminadmin
Tenda W268Radminadmin
Tenda W300Dadminadmin
Tenda W301Radminadmin
Tenda W302Radminadmin
Tenda W306Radminadmin
Tenda W307Radminadmin
Tenda W311Radminadmin
Tenda W311R+adminadmin
Tenda W330Radminadmin
Tenda W368Radminadmin
Tenda W541Radminadmin
Tenda W541R+adminadmin
Tenda W548D 2.0adminadmin
Thomson TCW 750-4admin
Thomson TCW-710(none)admin
Thomson thomson ACG905 White Dodo Pendo Buddy Box Mobile Wireless Broadband 3G\HSDPAADMINADMIN
Thomson TWG850admin
Thomson TWG850-4Uadmin
Thomson TWG870UG TWG870UGblamkadmin
Toplink C & C Corporation A2WM-G500Radmin
Toplink C & C Corporation A2WM-T500Radmin
Toplink C & C Corporation WLB-230BXLErootroot
Toplink C & C Corporation WLG-500BProotroot
Toplink C & C Corporation WLG-500DXrootroot
Toplink C & C Corporation WLG-530BXLErootroot
TP-Link AC1750adminadmin
TP-Link Archer A7adminadmin
TP-Link ARCHER A9adminadmin
TP-Link ARCHER C1200adminadmin
TP-Link Archer C1900adminadmin
TP-Link Archer C20adminadmin
TP-Link Archer C2300adminadmin
TP-Link Archer C3150adminadmin
TP-Link Archer C3150 v2adminadmin
TP-Link ARCHER C4000adminadmin
TrendNET TEW-691GRadmin
TrendNET TW100-BRF114
TrendNET TW100-BRM504 B1adminpassword
TrendNET TW100-BRV204admin
TrendNET TW100-BRV304admin
TrendNET TW100-BRV324admin
TrendNET TW100-S4W1CAadmin
Ubee Interactive DDC2700useruser
Ubee Interactive DDW2600useruser
Ubee Interactive U10C022useruser
Verizon AC30 b46dVerizon AC30 B46D268435459115455940
Zonet ZSR4134WEadminadmin
Zonet ZSR4154WEadminadmin
Zoom 5695userpassword
Zoom 5697userpassword

See also: IPv4 List - Page 3,219


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