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Businesses, relationships, sensitive data, and more have been lost to unknown email senders with few or fake identities. The good thing is that you can run a free reverse email address lookup to find out more about those strange emails that have become a daily occurrence.

Imagine addressing an unknown email sender by his real name and aliases when you send him a mail. That is the power of running a lookup—it gives you the background details of an unknown sender. So, don’t be too quick to say “yes” to that business proposal; run a reverse email address search, and be ahead of the game.

When you run a lookup to track an unknown email, you will be presented with data that includes the owner’s information. Here are a few places you can look up an email address to get the details of the owner for free.

Try LinkedIn

LinkedIn provides more than linking professionals together; it can also be a handy tool to check an unknown email sender. This will be particularly useful if the mail is from a sender who claims to be a business owner or is advertising an opening. Once you enter the address into the LinkedIn search bar, you may be able to find the sender’s contact address, professional network group, educational background, and more.

That said, you do need a LinkedIn account to gain access to the search feature. You can sign up for free if you don’t have one already.


Search engines still hold a lot of aces when it comes to free email address lookup. This method of checking a strange email is straightforward and does not require you to sign up. Enter the suspected address into the search bar and run a search the same way you would do your normal search.

Online Directories

Still can’t find what you are looking for? Then, you should try online directories. Online directories maintain a public database that is easily accessible to members of the public for free. This method may seem stressful sometimes, but, you know, it might just be where you finally find what you want.

Online Forums

One of the requirements of an online forum when you want to sign up is a verifiable email address. So, it is a reliable place to run an email lookup for free. Every one of them has a search bar, so all you have to do is enter the email address and click to start your search. You may not really go far with an online forum, but it is worth a try.

There are lots of them, and if you don’t have anyone in mind, then you might want to run a search on Google to find the popular ones with millions of registered users.

The Facebook Option

Do you want to find social media accounts from email? Then, go to Facebook to run a quick search. Facebook offers a dating service that also requires certain information to sign up. What that means is that the site stores information like phone numbers, email addresses, names, and more.

The Limitations Of Free Reverse Email Address Lookup

Using all the options above may not get you detailed results. You could spend tons of hours searching the internet and still not have any solid result. But there is an option that will give you detailed and accurate results in seconds.

Professional Reverse Lookup Sites

A professional lookup site could be the end to all your worries.

Here you can get phone number from email address, a dating profile, sex offender data, criminal records, divorce records, a social media profile, professional email addresses, photographs of the sender (where and if available), digital footprints, a physical contact address, and more.

Unlike a free search, there is a subscription fee to pay, but you only get charged when a report of your search is available and you can even give their trial plan a shot to see if it is what you need.

Can I Trust The Result From Paid Email Address Reverse Search Websites

Yes, you can trust the information contained in the report. These paid tools operate wide databases that are updated regularly. A paid email search tool expands and updates its database regularly. This is necessary to match the pace at which people change their phone numbers and physical contact information when they relocate to a new address.


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