Tip: How To Trace An Email Address

IPAddress.com is going to teach you to trace an email address on popular services like Gmail, Hotmail and Live, Outlook, AOL, Yahoo, and GMX with two different techniques.

Email Header Tracing

Depending on how much information you need on the email trace will depend on which technique that we tell you about to use. The first method is the basic trace of an email address header. Every time you receive an email it has a header embedded in it that holds important information of the sender’s whereabouts.

Inside the header of the email has a IP address in it, called the Internet Protocol. These headers do not have personal details in them only some technical information that you can use to trace. Keep in mind this style of tracing is very basic.

The easiest way to trace email headers is to use our free email header trace tool to paste your header code in the email. Our tool will take the header information and generate a location on a map with details when available like the ISP, City, State, and host of the IP address sender.

If you need more information than this basic email sender location you will need to find the email owner.

Email Owner Tracing

To trace an email owner is a different step than email header tracing and requires a deeper search of data. Typically for a small fee a deep search of email data is performed that permits you to see the email owner of an address.

People that have been victims of fraud or identify theft and others like family members or law enforcement find that knowing the email owner is a greater benefit than only the email header location.

To find an owner you can begin that with our tool to trace an email address owner instead. These highly accurate reports are a premium feature and you can view some basic details before getting a full report if you decide to.

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