Dedicated IP Address – What You Need to Know About the VPN Add-on Service

Using a VPN or a Virtual Private Network is one of the best ways to secure your online activity. VPN provides encryption - protecting the user from any form of monitoring including Internet Service Providers. It basically provides a shield on the user's activity which includes its location by providing a new one through their services. This is the reason why some users prefer to have a good VPN because of its ability to access services blocked from their location.

But if you're looking for the next level of security and privacy, there is an extra service you could look for in a VPN - a dedicated IP address.

IP Address Explained

An IP (Internet Protocol) address is a small piece of information assigned to any device connected to the internet or network. This information determines the services including websites it could access. An IP could be private (data used within a network) or public - the IP address assigned by the ISP to their subscribers.

A public IP address is used by websites and other online services to determine if a device should be granted access. With the use of a VPN, the device shields its public IP address by providing a different IP address - and this information is user determined in order to access geo-blocked services.

VPN - especially paid VPN services can provide anonymity and privacy online without sacrificing internet speed. Usually, free VPNs can help with online security but have to contend with slow internet speeds due to the high demand as well as a way for free VPNs to offer paid upgrades to their users.

Shared IP Address for VPN Users

Those who sign-up for paid VPN services can enjoy optimal browsing speed based on their internet connection. In a normal setting, VPN users will share a single IP address while enjoying encryption in their internet activity.

While this set-up is normal and recommended for most VPN users, it has a number of disadvantages. The biggest disadvantage is the possibility of being blacklisted from accessing certain websites. A shared IP address means every user of the IP address has a responsibility of maintaining its good reputation. Unfortunately, there is a possibility that one user will end up abusing the privilege which could blacklist the IP address.

A shared IP address could also experience network traffic especially when all users of a single IP address use the service at the same time. This problem could be remedied by changing server location but blocked sites based on location are still inaccessible.

Opting for a Dedicated IP Address

A dedicated IP address gives the users increased security and speed when using VPN. This feature is often offered as an add-on to an existing VPN subscription with an extra fee.

The main advantage of using a dedicated IP address is its full control of activities related to the IP address. Because the IP address is assigned to a single user, no other users can exploit the IP address. Internet speed is also maintained at any time of the day because no other users can stress the network traffic.

It should be noted though that a dedicated IP address is assigned to a single location. If you're opting to jump through various dedicated IP addresses, a VPN will have to charge extra. Make sure to check with your current VPN provider about the extra fees.

A VPN offers security through encryption. However, network slowdown and being blacklisted is always a possibility when a VPN service comes with a shared IP address. Opting for a dedicated IP address as an add-on service ensures stable internet connectivity without any problem of blacklisting.

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