Blocked IP Addresses & How to Access Blocked Websites

Getting blocked from a particular website is uncommon but could still happen to anyone. Web administrators can easily block anyone from accessing their website with the right tool. More often than not, an IP address is identified and this data is used to block access.

If you think this is an error, there are a variety of methods available at your disposal to unblock your IP address. Check each option to see which one is useful for your situation.

Know the Reason for Blocking

If you're trying to access a relatively small website, it's best to directly ask the web admin about this concern. Web admins should be able to provide a good answer on why you are being blocked from accessing their website and may even advise you on what you can do with the situation. Those who were blocked based on their actions oftentimes get 24-hour bans or more depending on the rules set by the website.

Blacklist Check

As a way of protecting their website and users from online attacks and spammers, web administrators use a public database of banned IP addresses as early protection. Your inability to access their website might be from the fact that your IP address was included in the list of banned IP addresses.

To know if you have been part of the banned IP addresses, look for an IP location tool that offers banned IP list lookup according to Business Insider. Most of the services offered in these sites are free especially for a limited number of searches.

Connecting to a New Wireless Network

Here's a simple but nifty trick that you can try to access blocked websites based on your IP address: disconnect with your current internet connection and use another internet connection. For example, if you're at home and you cannot access a website because you're blocked, connect to the website using your mobile device.

A website blocks a user based on their public IP address or the IP address assigned to them by the ISP or Internet Service Provider. By changing network connections, you are changing your public IP address.

Checking Your Device for Malware and Viruses

Another reason why your access has been restricted on some websites based on your IP address is due to malware. Without knowing it, your device might be used by a malware to persistently access websites. It may look like you are just browsing a website but the website is actually experiencing an attack by a malware.

Make sure to upgrade your anti-virus software or run a malware check on your device. Aside from being blocked from specific websites, malware running in the background may be collecting data or using the resources in your device without your permission.

Using a VPN (Virtual Private Network)

If you are blocked from accessing a website based on your IP address, another option is to use a VPN. For simple browsing, you can opt to use free VPN services even though your internet speed is limited. You may have to pay a premium if you want to maintain your internet speed when using VPN.

VPN can mask your IP address through encryption while assigning a totally different IP address on your behalf. It can even mask your IP address to make you look like you are in a different country - a feature useful not only for blocked websites but also for geo-blocked online services.

Use these options to access blocked websites based on your IP address. From scanning your computer for viruses, checking with the web admin or using a VPN, the options are there to ensure your access to different websites and online services.

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