How to Choose the Right VPN Service for You - Features to Consider

Using a VPN or a Virtual Private Network can easily help in online protection and security. With the right VPN, a user's actual location is protected against monitoring even with ISPs. It can also help in privacy through encryption of every transaction.

Unfortunately, you can't just go out and pick just any VPN and expect great service. It's not a walk in the park but with diligent research, a good VPN with security and privacy as their primary objective for their customers can be selected.

An Absolute No-Log Policy

A VPN can help you protect from outside monitoring through encryption as your connection goes through their server instead of directly connecting to a website. But since you connect through their service, it's possible that they will have a record of your activity. A VPN service provider may promise not to hand over your information as you use their server, but they may use your data for advertisement purposes.

To ensure complete anonymity, find a VPN that practices a no-log policy. Simply put, this is a practice that does not log any form of information nor does it try to collect data from your online activities. Without data collection, your online transactions remain secure.

DNS Leak Protection

Complementing the no-log policy of a VPN provider, it's also important to find a VPN that promises protection against DNS leak. According to the DNS Leak Test, this type of privacy concern stems from the fact that some ISPs assign a unique DNS server to their customers. A leak could happen when the device used to connect online uses the same DNS server even though there is already a VPN in place.

DNS Leak Protection

Prevent DNS leak from happening by finding a good VPN that promises this type of feature. You can also use websites that offer DNS leak testing to know if your VPN might not give you the protection you need. If you are using a VPN right now, find these sites and check for any DNS leaks.

Kill Switch Feature

Internet security and privacy should be absolute for online users and this is especially true for businesses and sensitive online transactions. A VPN should always be online to protect users and should not give any false sense of security if it quietly disconnects.

A small but very important feature to look for in a VPN is the kill switch feature. You do not want to have a false sense of security when a VPN quietly disconnects on your or disconnects without notification. This feature prevents your device from connecting online if the VPN is not active.

Multiple Server Options with Stable Speed

One of the best features and reasons why you need to use a VPN is the ability to access websites, services and videos not accessible in your country. When choosing a VPN, make sure that the VPN has multiple server locations across the globe so you'll have plenty of options when you need to access country or region specific services.

But an option to select a server at will should be complemented with the promise that your internet speed will stay almost the same. A drop in internet connection is expected but the drop should not be too much that streaming is no longer feasible. This feature should be expected especially in paid VPN accounts because they are often used not only for security but also for accessing streaming sites not available in select locations.

These are the features you need to look for in a VPN provider. These features ensure that you are secured from any type of monitoring and logs while taking full advantage of the internet as you access various websites and other online services worldwide.

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